Ohm beads September release preview

Today we see the new releases for the month of September! Date of release is September 10th through worldwide retailers when not stated otherwise.

The next bead in the BBQ series is Heart Engine! The design is a “steam-punk” style “anatomical heart” which features both biological and mechanical parts. It is wearable on a bracelet or a ball necklace. This will come with special packaging. It’s a costum order that takes 6 – 8 weeks. Price is USD $333 / EUR €291.

This bead is gorgeous and called Pre-wine, says it all! Price USD $70 / EUR €65.

The next zodiac bead is Libra, this is a Regional Regular Release for EU, Taiwan, and South America. Price USD $65 / EUR €60.

Three beads by Gus Fink: Beasties! Blind bag release of 3 designs, 555 each, total 1,665 beads. Includes COA.

Price USD $60 / EUR €56.

A long awaited glass bead called Sucker! Price USD $50 / EUR €47.

We already “seen” the Bead of the Month September Astronargh! Just for fun I constructed a picture of how I imagined he would look like, this is not an actual picture!!! Limited to only 999 pieces. Special packaging will be included. This is a “blind-bag” release, photos will not be available prior to the release. Price USD $180 / EUR €164. Pre-order has already started.

And last but not least a retailer exclusive! OHM has partnered with Diamante to create WE LEARN AS WE AGE. The design will be launched at an in-store event September 29th. This is a limited edition design, only 888 beads are made and comes in two finishes in a sealed bag.

And a quick reminder of the Ohm Stuff YFLF event this friday the 17th of August. Bu & Beel are members of the YOUR FAITH LOOKS FAMILIAR family, you can read more about them: http://www.yourfaithlooksfamiliar.com/ The quantity of Golden Bu is 888 and Dirty Beel is 333. These are randomly packaged in a blind bag. Each bead is engraved and includes a COA.

So here are all the releases to come in September! So exciting to see more glass and already going into an Autumn feeling!

2 thoughts on “Ohm beads September release preview

  1. September doesn’t seem nearly as bad now that all these beads are coming out 👏🏻🎉 I love the pre-wine amd sucker is gorgeous. I’m going to try super hard to remember to go to Ohm Stuff on Friday. And since sometimes I wonder if I do learn as I age maybe I should get one of those beads to help me #allthebeadsinmycart

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    1. I adore pre-wine! I am not an autumn fan, so I am so happy with this release! I know what you mean, I totally missed True Ohm, had to go to the movies with my husband! 😜 oh, and forgot all about it. But luckily the pretties keep on coming!

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