Ohm beads December release preview

We are now coming to the end of another year! The preview of Ohm beads December release is here! Release date is November 29th!

Starting of with the Bead of the Month December No. 43 Gramophone. A limited edition of only 555 beads.

The next addition to the BBQ series (big bead quarterly) is Tarot Cards! This set is a custom order only, with 6-8 week delivery time. This is a set of 22 silver tarot card beads (the major arcana of the Tarot) and four glass beads.

To go with the Tarot Card set are four Tarot Suits glass beads called Wand, Cups, Swords and Coins. These can also be purchased individually.

This beautiful glass bead is called Feed the Future! The most exciting about this bead is that Ohm HQ quarterly donates 25 % of sales for this design to nokidhungry.org!

This gorgeous glass is called Stony!

And finally the Ohm whip bracelet, a leather wrap bracelet is here! This can be worn with the new clasps Octopus-y, Dragon-y, Chameleon-y and Ohm Who.

For the regional and retailer releases.

Next in the Zodiac collection is Capricorn. This is exclusive for EU, Taiwan, and South America.

Exclusive for Thailand is the Muai Thai collection! I love this, such a fun series for the kick boxing sport!

For Great Lakes Boutique Touch of Grey.

And for Edone Italy a second edition of Sacred Heart! Gorgeous!

It’s not long now before we celebrate Beadmas again! From December 1rst until December 12th all over social media fun, giveaways, contests and more! Stay tuned for more info!

And this December we see another event on Ohm Stuff and an event with Ohm Taiwan.

Wow, the last release of this year is a very beautiful one! I already made my choise!

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