Ohm beads Beadmas Day 5

And we have a winner: Magda Rendlová! Congrarulations!!

Beadmas Day 5 and it’s a double party! Today I am hosting a giveaway both here on my blog and over on Instagram!

Beadmas is all about Ohmily from around the world connecting, having fun and winning a bead or two! The price to be won today is one St. Nick send directly from Ohm beads HQ! The winner will be picked at random. You can comment below and the contest closes at Seattle midnight P.M.T. (09:00 hours C.E.T.). Have fun and good luck!

Today is the holiday of Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands. He arrived on his steamboat from Spain a couple of weeks ago.

In the weeks leading up to tonight children put their shoe with treats for the horse of Sinterklaas beside the chimney and hope for candy!

Tonight we celebrate his birthday. This is the night when Sinterklaas and his helpers called Piet ride across the rooftops and bring presents. The Santa Clause we know today originated from our Sinterklaas or St. Nicolaas as we also call him.

My chalange for you today is to describe the most memorable present you ever got! For Christmas, Sinterklaas, birthday or anniversary!

For me it must be the adorable Christmas angel my son made at school! I put it up in the tree every year!

63 thoughts on “Ohm beads Beadmas Day 5

  1. Good Morning!
    The best present was this year… and I already got it.
    It is the OHM Bead “We learn as we age”, cause it matches with my story absolutely perfect.

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  2. My sister and I were going to celebrate the New year with relatives and left the house. It was a lot of snow and cold. Near the neighboring house we found a very small kitten.I think it was a gift from the Creator. Life is a gift I had to go home and take him with me. We are on the celebration of course was late, but it’s not terrible.

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  3. My most memorable Sinterklaas gift (I live in Belgium) was a pram for my dolls. It was the late seventies, so the pram was the brightest orange possible and egg shaped but I loved it.

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  4. The most incredible and desirable gift I received on Valentine’s Day in 2015. My husband gave me a cat, which I had long dreamed of. My girl is beautiful, I love her!

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  5. the most unforgettable gift for Christmas and New year to me was made by darling!)) He told me that not only new year, but also our new relations has to begin!!)) he made me the proposal)))

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  6. My best gift was on my last day at the Spa where I worked, ( I was going to work full time at IKEA)
    I got a call from my aunt saying I became an auntie!! The little one was a bit early, but becoming an aunt for the first time was so special and I was smiling the whole last day of work 😂

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  7. This is a dog)) or rather, puppy. At first I thought that they were giving me a plush dog, a toy, and she suddenly began to twist her head and bark)))

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  8. The most memorable present I got for an anniversary was for my 1st wedding anniversary when I was taken for a meal on the Orient Express. I am a big Agatha Christie fan so that was a lovely surprise. I walked up and down the train looking at the décor in the carriages.

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  9. This year for Christmas me are going on a family vacation to Europe ( Munich and Vienna). My 2 boys are 19 and 16 and I love all the trips we take as a family ( the best presents) because of the uninterrupted time together and memories we make and share.

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  10. The most precious gift that I’ve received was from a child that had a really tough year in school. He was spiralling out of control and needed help. It wasn’t easy but together we managed to change it all around. He only needed to hear more positive praise and support. And as it was Christmas, he came and gave me a gift. A lovely wooden cross and Cath Kidston mug. ❤

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  11. My most memorable Christmas present was when I was 19 from my boyfriend I had been dating for 6 months. We bonded over music & he played guitar & bass. He gifted me my first bass guitar & we would play together. I’ll never forget what he did, and I married him years after! He is still such a thoughtful gift giver

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  12. My most memorable Christmas present was when I was 19 from my boyfriend I had been dating for 6 months. We bonded over music & he played guitar & bass. He gifted me my first bass guitar & we would play together. I’ll never forget what he did, and I married him years after! Today he is still such a thoughtful gift giver

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  13. My most important Christmas present came from my son years ago. He was about five and bought me a stuffed Polar Express Santa. He saved money, bought it and wrapped it all by himself and was so proud to give it to me! When you pressed Santa’s little hand, he said “the magic of Christmas is within your heart.” It was absolutely perfect in every way!

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  14. The most memorable present I received came from an uncle for Christmas long time ago when I was a child . It was a Meccano, building game, usually for boys, but I liked it and I remember I played a lot with it, even my brother wanted to play with it 🙂

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  15. My most memorable present was the first drawing of me while pregnant that my daughter made. She was almost 4 years old. And she drew her little brother in my belly. I actually turned this drawing into a silver bracelet thanks to a French brand engraving your drawings on jewellery.

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  16. The most memorable present was my first videogame, a Super Nintendo, that I won in Christmas, when I was 8 years old!!! I dreamed about having a videogame! I got so surprised when I open the box… What a feeling!!

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  17. The Victory bead my mother gave me upon completing my dissertation defense successfully is the most memorable gift with such meaning and why it is so meaningful and memorable to me! It was a sweet victory!

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  18. When I was little I saw pink sneakers in the store of stunning beauty. But I was sure that the parents could not buy them, they were very expensive. I experienced great joy when I woke up in my birthday, I saw them next to me. It was the most memorable gift in life.

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