OHM beads January release preview

Now we are looking at the new releases for January by OHM! Date of release is January 3rd!

We start with Bead of the Month January no. 44: Year Of The Pig! It has become a tradition to make the January Bead of the Month this year’s Chinese Zodiac! As always a limited edition, only 888 beads are made. He’s so cute!

In the series BBQ (Big Bead Quarterly) comes Wings Of Protection 2.0! This bead is made to order and takes 6 to 8 weeks to deliver. Unbelievable gorgeous detail on this design!

And this beautiful set is called  GONG XI FA CAI and consists of a new OhmGnome and mrs. Gnome design with two orange glass beads.

Another gorgeous realistic OHM animal called Toothy.

This glass design is called Wisdom texts and is a black random line pattern with red dot.

Dragon Skull is a continuation of the Rawr Collection with a fantasy element!

I think this will make a lot of people happy! New Rawr glass! These three glass beads are the same size and style as the previous set.

And now for the regional and retailer releases.

For Great Lakes Boutique Purple Rain.

This braniac bead called Reason & Feeling is exclusive for Edone Italy. It’s limited edition, 444 beads are released.

On OHM Together OHM in Taiwan is hosting an event on January 15th releasing this gorgeous glass! This glass is limited to 168 beads.

And finally OHM in Australia releases this gorgeous bead on OHM Together on January 25th. Limited edition 333 beads.

OHM is continuing the release of many gorgeous glass and silver beads! I know I will enjoy them!

One thought on “OHM beads January release preview

  1. Spoilt for choice but am really upset the orange beads are only available in the set especially as I requested Ohm to make them. Love the new Rawr beads and Kakigori and the Twelve Apostles. Every time I say I am not going to buy any more beads for a while Ohm brings out gorgeous designs!


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