Ohm beads meet & greet 

It was yesterday that Kit Ohm from Ohm beads made a trip from Seattle to the Netherlands to visit Frank Ohm, distributor for Ohm beads Europe. And they organized a meet and greet at juwelier Bolder in Didam, the Netherlands. It was a bit of a last minute thing, there were some saddened people that would have gladly made the trip if they knew more in advance. Frank promised there will be more warning in advance with future events! And the weather was a bit against it, snow and sleet.

Luckily I was able to go and very excited prepared for the trip.

From the January release I got the Bead of the Month Year of the Cock and two Fireballs. With two Ohm facet glass beads I made this bangle to wear to the party.

And this necklace with Love Cage and Love Hurts and two more Ohm facets.

With some more bracelets in my bag I went on my roadtrip, a two hour drive.

On my arrival the party was already on the way, it was good to meet Kit and Frank again!

My trip was by far not the longest, two ladies from Germany drove 4.5 hours to get here! Wow!

It was so nice to meet the ladies, some I already met on Facebook and Instagram!

And it really feels like being a kid in a candystore!! Looking through all the beads, selecting and comparing. And admiring each others bracelets.

Kit and Frank held a few giveaways, the store provided snacks and drinks and time flew by.

And, oh boy, Frank let me try on the beautiful, beloved, gorgeous, stunning Love Really Hurts!! It was the small Love Hurts that grabbed my attention to Ohm beads two years ago, so to really see and feel this beauty made my day!

Kit also brought some items to show the design process! The pink wax figure is of Ugly Doll Wage. And some unfinished silver beads, like Classic Easter Bunny. The team create and design the beads during sometimes heated staff meetings, debating the finer details! And a talented artist in Thailand makes the wax figures to be made into silver beads. I loved this behind the scenes look!

It really was a fascinating and fun afternoon and lovely to meet everyone!

After a difficult drive home with snow I made it home safely and I could unpack my beads!

Among my buys are the long retired Robot Kit brought with him! So happy to get him! And a second silver Hive Mind Bead of the Month August 2016. I really wanted a second one to make symmetrical bangles. And I got Ohmgnome! I did not have him myself and I missed him after Traveling Ohmgnome left for London!

And last but not least, the beautiful Open Your Heart.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful afternoon of meeting, connecting and beadtalk!

6 thoughts on “Ohm beads meet & greet 

  1. Thanks for sharing Trudy! Love behind the scenes and “how it’s made” info. What a great company, great photos and a great blog!


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