Ohm beads Magic Frog & Lilypad

It’s Haloween time and Ohm beads released Bead of the Month October Magic Frog. Combined with the new glass Lily Pad, they go together so nicely!

Magic Frog comes in a beautiful box.

The box looks like the chocolate frog candy box from Harry Potter!

Magic Frog is a limited edition and comes with a numbered certificate and a code that is engraved on the bead. Only 666 beads are made.

Magic Frog is holding a magic wand. Looking from below it looks like he is eating it, like a fly! The tip of the wand has the Ohm beads logo. I love little details like this!

Lily Pad is part of the regular collection. It’s a gorgeous bright blue glass with three green lily pads.

Lets make some bracelets!

This is what frogs do, swim around a pond all day! With Starfish, Aurora Borealis Reflections, an ancient bead, Lily Pond, Magic Frog, Ohmnique, Pacific Opal, Aurora Borealis Luminous and Striped Sailfish.

The lily pad is also featured on Skûtsjesilen from the Going Dutch collection. A skûtsje is an ancient dutch cargo ship and iconic for the Dutch province of Friesland. I wrote blogposts about Skûtsjesilen and the Going Dutch collection. So I am going sailing in Friesland for the day! With Je Maintiendrai, Aurora Borealis Reflections, Going Dutch Tulips, Lily Pad, two Trollbeads Happy Fish, Skûtsjesilen, Waterfall, Windmill, ancient Ohm glass and Tulip.

I gathered up all my dressed up animals to go trick-or-treating! With Bunny Reaper, Forsythia, Magic Frog, two Confetti Upchuck, Baby Argh, Year of the Dog, Sunshine and Bunny Angel.

Haloween bangle with Dirty Paper Bag, two Tedora glass, Trick or Treat, two Ohmniques, Magic Frog, Deadhead and Pumpkin Billy.

Can Magic Frog get out of this tight spot? With two Truebeadz Amsterdam Midnight, two CustOhms and snake from Forbidden Fruit.

Are you going trick-or-treating or ghost hunting on Haloween? Trick or treat bangle stacked with a Pandora double leather bracelet with Pumpkin Billy, two Truebeadz Amsterdam Midnight, Trick or Treat, Truebeadz October dangle and Deadhead.

Lily Pad found a place on my bracelet of the sea.

And Magic Frog lives on my Haloween bracelet! He is so cute and versatile, I want to use him all year round!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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