OHM Gargoyle

One of the most funny and surprising beads OHM has released lately for me is the Gargoyle!

Designed to convey rainwater from the side of a building the appearance of a gargoyle is that of a scary mythical creature with wings. I love Gargoyle’s sideways design, making the bracelet come out of it’s big open mouth!

What does a Gargoyle do all day you ask! Hang out with the Weathercock chatting about the rain ofcourse! A bangle with Waterfall, Dragon Blood, Year of the Cock, Natural Sight, Gargoyle, Dragon Bone and Waterfall.

Gargoyles are mostly used on churches as are angels and other demons! I made a bracelet with just those characters. On the Chuncky bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and Narural Sight, Archangel Mikael, Waterfall, Gargoyle, Waterfall, OHMmyGod 4.0 and Narural Sight.

I love contrasts and the Phoenix beeing a fire creature goes so well with Gargoyle! A bangle with Fireball, Rebirth, Waterfall, Lucky Stars, Fireball, Gargoyle and Waterfall.

And I love to do just a fun summer stack with lots of colour! On the new brown Whip leather bracelet with the new Slim summer colours Koi (orange), Path (dark red), Deep (blue), Lawn (green) and Sun (yellow) and Mended Heart. Stacked with an X-jewellery bracelet.

Gargoyle is a beautiful detailed and fun bead! Great to combine with other mythical creatures and to use in themed bracelets!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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