OHM Time Machine

One of the most fun and imaginative beads OHM has released lately is Time Machine!

Straight from the OHM Lab in cooperation with lab assistant Beth Poole!

A clever machine made popular through the novel written by H.G. Wells more then a century ago and made into many movies.

Who didn’t dream of time travel? Visit the past to see historic events or the future to experience great inventions?

OHM Gnome is going to take us on a little time travel adventure! Strap in and hold tight!

With a Time Machine you can go anywhere anytime anyplace! Fly past the past or fast foreward to the future! A bangle with Dark Soul, Time Flies, Sky Guild, OHMgnome, Key, Time Machine, Celebrate, We Learn As We Age and ancient glass.

OHMgnome is taking us to the beginning of time, the creation of the universe! Planets are born out of dust and colide, melting together creating huge flames and flying rocks! A bangle with Gibbous Luna, Dragon Blood, OHMgnome, Fire-ation, Luna 2.0, Fire Ball, Metal-ation and Crescent Luna.

Awesome, thank you OHMgnome! We are in 1969! We are going to see the first moonlanding, then off to Woodstock! And while we are here can I go and see my husband beeing born? A bangle with Luna, Rocket, Dreamscape, Time Machine, OHMgnome, Purple Haze, Saxophone and Woodstock.

A Time Machine could also be useful in the present! OHMgnome is off in no time to a sunny summer beach to build sandcastles and take a dip in the ocean! A bangle with Forsythia, Gnomeo, Emerald City, Yellow Sunlight, Time Machine, OHMgnome, Lemon Drop Sorbet, XXX, Mankini and Sunshine.

When a Time Machine eventually would be invented some of these vehicles will be obsolete. Definitely not the sailboat!

OHMgnome and I had a lot of fun with Time Machine!

The sky isn’t even the limit with this bead! And nor is your imagination!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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