OHM Fairy Wren, Wagyl & Shark Bay

OHM has a special relationship with Australia! Thanks to the very talented and creative Karla we now have the most impressive Australia collection! With every stunning bead, both in silver and in glass, I learn a bit more about this beautiful and great country! The latest designs are Fairy Wren, Wagyl and Shark Bay.

Fairy Wren is the name of a gorgeous native Australian bird. The colours in this bead vary like the colours of the bird. This glass was so popular it sold out very fast. But it’s not a limited edition so OHM will be having it back in stock soon!

Fairy Wren combined beautifully with other pinks and earthy colours! Saganistute from the Alice collection and the Slim glass beads Haze and Plant are perfect! Candy Crush, Sweet Treat and Sugar Dipped are the three square glass beads from the Dessert collection. On the C Bangle with Woot Bear Phinneas, Apple, Catfish, Lucky Moves and Moving On.

Wagyl is a powerful symbol in the art and religion of Aboriginal Australia. Wagyl can grow angry and cause storms, thunder, lightning, and cyclones. They control life’s most precious resource: water. Some say the wagyl is the creator of all things. The detail on Wagyl’s body reflects the beautiful Aboriginal art! Wagyl is also known as the Rainbow Serpent!

Ofcourse that makes for an awesome rainbow bangle! With Path, Boomerang, Koi, Jingle Locks, Sun, Wagyl, Rainbowed, Lovely Hearts, Lawn, Feeling Knotty and Deep

And here is Shark Bay! This bead is so intricate, it reflects the sea, the beach and the land beyond! The blue for the ocean is translucent, while the beach and beyond are a solid glass, so special!

The deep blue ocean matches so well with Slim Hole and the beach with Fog! I made this cute bangle for the July release with Cairn, Woot Bear Phinneas and two Feeling Knotty.

All together on a bangle with Chestburster, two Lovely Hearts. And Fairy When matched great with one of my Dreamscapes!

A look at some of the earlier designs!

OHM Australia is continuing to come up with gorgeous native designs time and time again for us to enjoy and learn! Thank you Karla!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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