OHM Octohug

OHM released Octohug just last week! Octohug is an OHMistry project and is designed by Sara Gargiulo in collaboration with Michele Cavalieri d’Oro.

Octohug is an octopus, in his tentacles he is holding a glass ball. This one is a lovely light blue. Octohug is a limited edition, only 111 beads are made.

Octohug comes with a certificate of authenticity with a serial number and corresponding code that is engraved in the bead.

Octohug comes in a special packaging with artwork designed by Sara and Michele.

This OHM stockphoto shows the many different Octohug colours.

Octohug’s story: “From the dark depths of your soul, Octohug protects the gem of your spirit. The octopus represents our dark subconscious which protects (containing) the brightness of our spirit. In each of us, there is a side of light and a side of darkness. As they fight to equal each other, they create the balance of our existence. Every day of our life is a challenge, a compromise between our animal instinct and our spiritual reason. We both trap and protect ourselves at the same time in a hug that tightens the mortal vice.”

I made a bangle with Rotten Heart as the dark side and Love Whirls as the light. With glass beads Broken Heart 2e, Key, Sour and Dark Soul 2e.

I wanted to make a bangle with octopus beads! Turns out I have many! A bangle with Tenticles (made by OHM Studio), Pacific Octopus, Teal Sucker, Octohug, Teal Sucker, Pandora moonstone cabochon, Spiritbeads Octopus and Pandora cabochon.

Who doesn’t need a hug from time to time? I made this hugs&kisses bracelet on the red Whip leather with Purrr, Kiss, Octohug, Kissing, Strawberry and Hugging Kitties.

And I am going all out on the sea theme on this fun bangle! With Starfish, Water-ation, Argh, Mauve Stinger, Oysters With Shoes, Lily Pad, Octohug, Immortal Blue, Nian Nian You Yu, See Forever, Jamie The Jellyfish, Twelve Apostles, Striped Sailfish, Great Barrier Reef and Baby Argh.

Octohug is a beautifully designed and very versatile bead! A bead with a very meaningful story I can relate to!

You can buy Octohug here: https://ohmbeads.com/specialrelease

If you are a first time buyer use my referral code https://ohmbeads.com/?loref=loot5e09cc827a6a2 to receive a $10.00 discount!

You can follow Sara on Instagram : catnoir9 and on Facebook: La Dolce Vita

Follow Michele on Instagram: mke.cava.oro.art

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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