OHM Mother Lord

This month OHM Lab released Mother Lord and lab assistants are mother and daughter Mary Lord and Calla Lord! I was so happy to meet both of them in Seattle during the last beads&coffee in 2019!

Mother Lord is a silver dragon wrapped around a glass sphere.

There is a beautiful story to accompany the bead:

“Considering others is paramount. The Mother looks upon us initially, not with grief and sorrow, but gratitude for all that has been given and all that will be received. Our identity coalesces through reflections witnessed in others. It never existed. We created it. The familiar. The known. The quantifiably positive truth comes through being witnessed.

All will decompose until nothing remains, yet somehow continue to exist within the nothing. The unknown provides possibilities, and our brain chemistry allows us to … know them.

Scale by scale, each deed is measured divine, and every soul connection deepens the Self. We see in others what we see in ourselves.

When you find out what you are seeing, how will you feel? What will she see, what will she feel?”

The dragon is wrapping itself around the egg she is protecting. Mother Lord is about mother’s love and protection.

The top and bottom of Mother Lord has beautiful swirls to cap the bead.

Mother Lord is a blind bag release, the glass comes in many different colours as shown in this OHM stockphoto.

I made an unboxing video with a little help from a friend!

I know for many a blind bag can be a challenge. With Bead Of The Month we do not have any clue what we are buying (who is crazy here?) With Mother Lord it’s s a surprise what colour you will get. To help you get the most out of your bead colour which you could not choose yourself I tried to show a few different possibilities using the colour wheel.

I first made a bangle with the same colours as the glass in Mother Lord. Can’t go wrong with that! And added moons.”I love you to the moon and back!” With Quarter Luna, Purple Haze, Natural Moon (OHM Studio), Dreamscape, Mother Lord, Candy Cloud, Apple Moon (OHM Studio), Fairy Wren and Crescent Luna.

Now, if you are not so fond of the colour you received, try to smother it with different colours that make it look good! Remember those house makeovers with avocado bathrooms? Throw in a few different colours and you will love it! This bangle has analogous colours, they are next to each other on the colour wheel. If you look at the colour wheel the colours next to purple/lilac are red and blue. And the theme of this bangle is all about love. With Love Grows, Make Change, Lovely Hearts, Blue Sol, Mother Lord, Fire Hole, Jingle Locks, Hole and Paint The Roses Red.

And last I added Mother Lord to my son’s bracelet. The colour I put with the purple/lilac Mother Lord is green, complementing colours opposite each other on the colour wheel. A bracelet with retired zodiac, Aqua Lux, Zodiac, Mother Lord, Wings Of Protection, Aqua Lux, Quill, retired letters and Open Your Heart Key.

What a beautiful and meaningful design Mother Lord is! And don’t be afraid of colour, experiment! And a surprise once in a while is so much fun!

You can buy Mother Lord here: https://ohmbeads.com/products/aax106?_pos=1&_sid=97ff464d2&_ss=r

Follow Mary and her amazing bead collection on Instagram: https://instagram.com/marylord829?utm_medium=copy_link

And Calla: https://instagram.com/callalord_realtor?utm_medium=copy_link

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