OHMGnome, Mankini & the Holidays with It Sucks, Pocket Knife, Got Pot, Beat It, Remote Control, Watch This, So Steamed & Memory Maker.

Today is release day of the OHM November collection, products from around the house, miniaturized to have fun with and fit your wrist!

OHMGnome and Mankini are home and very excited! “Tonight we celebrate Thanksgiving with the family and we have still so much to do!” said OHMGnome. “Then we better get to it right away!” said Mankini.

“Let’s start with the cleaning, where is the vacuum?” asked OHMGnome. “Oh, there he is!”

IT SUCKS is a lovely vacuum cleaner, it’s hose wraps around your bracelet.

“I will help, but we have to have some music while cleaning!” said Mankini.

A bangle with Mankini, Thanks A Lot, It Sucks, Confetti Upchuck, Step Up, Birthday Cake, Gramophone, Pits & Pith and OHMGnome.

“Cleaning done!” said Mankini. “Now we have to prepare dinner, starting with the turkey. Where is the knife?” asked OHMGnome. “Oh, there he is!”

POCKET KNIFE is a dangle, it’s bail a knotted string.

“We must clean out the turkey gently” said Mankini. “Maybe a pocket knife isn’t such a good idea? There will be nothing left by the time you finish!” OHMGnome said. “Just use another knife!”

A bangle with ancient glass, Same But Eaten, Milky, Pocket Knife, Sky Guild, Spoon, Body Slicer, Spark Of Life, The Feast and Cold Milk.

“Put the Turkey on the stove and we can start cooking the side dishes” Mankini said. “I will do the vegetables, where is the cooking pot?“ asked OHMGnome. “Oh, there he is!”

GOT POT is an electric pan with so much uses!

“Let it al simmer away nicely” said Mankini. “It’s starting to smell so good!”

A bangle with Turkey Platter, Water Melon, Got Pot, Cheeseburger, At Least I’m Warm and Same But Different.

“We need to work on dessert” said Mankini. “I will do the cupcakes, where is the mixer?” asked OHMGnome. “Oh, there he is!”

BEAT IT is a very usefull and versatile kitchen machine you cannot live without!

“Those cupcakes look delicious, can I have one now? asked Mankini.

A bangle with Cupcake, Lemon, OHMGnome, Seeded Rollina, Beat It, Lemon Yelly Roll, Mankini, Forsythia and Cupcake.

“Now that is all done let’s take a break. How about watching the Ken & Kit show!” said Maniki. “Awesome, good idea! Where is the remote?” asked OHMGnome. “Oh, there he is!”

REMOTE CONTROL is another cute dangle!

“I want a coffee and for you a hot chocolate?” asked Mankini. “Ken and Kit are rocking bead making again!” said OHMGnome.

A bangle with Hot Mug, Frappe, OHMGnome, Hot Chocolate, Remote Control, Chocolate Ribbons, Mankini, Latte and Coffee Collection.

“Wow, that silver is red hot!” Mankini said. “Wait, what is the time, have you seen my watch?” asked OHMGnome. “Oh, there he is!”

WATCH THIS is a miniature detailed wrist watch!

“WTF?, is that the time? $H1T!” OHMGnome shouted. “They will be here soon and we still have to clean ourselves up!”

A bangle with Time Flies, Celebrate, $H1T, Nouveau, Watch This, Mardi Gras Mask, WTF?, Fogberry and We Learn As We Age.

“I have wrinkly pants, where is the iron?” asked OHMGnome. “Oh, there he is!”

SO STEAMED is a life like iron, ready for use!

“You get a bath Mankini!” said OHMGnome. “You can read a while, you need to soak those dirty feet of yours, while I will iron my pants.”

A bangle with OHMGnome, Blue Lagoon, So Steamed, Beadmail#3, Soak, Blue Sol, Library, Blueberry and Mankini.

DING DONG! “They are here!”

“Welcome to our home and happy Thanksgiving!” said Mankini. “Let’s take a group picture, where is my camera? asked OHMGnome. “Oh, there he is!”

MEMORY MAKER is a big photo camera with the band wrapped around it.

“Say cheese everyone and happy holidays!” said Mankini. “And now let’s eat!” OHMGnome said.

A bangle with Moon Me, Sea Striations, OHMGnome, Mankini, Flourish, Memory Maker, Surrender, Gnomeo, Juliet, Persist and Sumo OG.

This is such a detailed, cute and fun collection! It will surely help you with your preparations for the holidays! Only looking at them is making my daily chores a lot more fun!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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