OHM Spring February and March

Happy release day! Today sees the release of the OHM March collection and I am going to show you some of the awesome designs that came out! Also I will be looking at some February beads. Due to family circomstances I have not been able to show them.

Spring is in the air (and snow here today) and this month’s beads are here to rise those Spring spirits!

I am so in love with Flower Goddess! Sister of Harvest Goddess she is wearing a dress shaped as a flower and a little bee is dangling from her dress. Flower Goddess is a bigger bead and definitely great on a necklace!

I made a Spring/Summer bracelet with butterflies and flowers! This is Chunky bracelet with Dragonfly-y clasp and Wings Of Protection 2.0, Aurora Borealis Luminous, Flower Goddess, Lake Baikal, Lilac Dreams, GOTM 7 and Wings Of Liberation.

From the February release is Celebrate Life! Designed by Rita acharmeddreamer! A limited edition of 111 it comes in a beautiful box and certificate of authenticity.

A bangle with Love Hurts, Hot Stone, Celebrate Life, Heather Zinnia and Rotten Heart.

Another Spring bangle with Year Of The Rabbit, Hot Stone, Poppy, Flower Goddess, From The Depths, Celebrate Life, Heather Zinnia and Tulips.

So cute is V Day with a heart shaped bail and dangling lips, rose and box of candy!

And the February glass beads are three stunning beads. More than Love, Heather Zinnia and Hot Stone.

This sweet Valentines bangle are Love Hurts, More Than Love, V Day, The Art Oblivion Shimmer, Quill, Spring Bloom and Beadmail 23 Chateau OHM.

I am very excited by the Space collection OHM is releasing this year! A planet from our solar system is released each month. We already had Mercury Muse in January, February is Venus Vibes!

And March Earth Eden!

The glass beads for March are stunning! From The Depth, Lake Baikal and Primordial Hope are so glittery and full of depth and colour!

The planets together! Earth Eden, From The Depth, Venus Vibes, Universal Understanding, Mercury Muse, Primordial Hope .

Very controversial is A Dead Bird. This is all about the circle of life. You can read the stories and meaning behind every bead on the preview posts. But I always say a bead is whatever you want it to be. I heard this bird described as sleeping or resting.

This is a bangle with mindlike birds I believe! A Dead Bird, Incremental Change, Tom The Dead, Cave In, At Least I’m Warm, Coober Pedy and Rooster.

And the bead we all been waiting for (at least I have!) Year Of The Rabbit! The design is different from the last few years of Zodiacs but resembles Year Of The Cock.

He found his home on my Chinese Zodiac bracelet! My bracelet stack also has the red whip leather bracelet with Rabbit Rocker and Beadmail 22 Dive In. Rabbit and this year’s Water Rabbit is my sign! And I learned that at least two other bead sisters too are celebrating a big birthday this year!

Wow, the beautiful OHM beads just keep on coming and this is another stunning release! I hop you liked the February review together with this month’s so you are completely catched up!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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