Seeing Seattle!

In a couple of weeks time I will be traveling to Seattle again! My third time there! My husband is going on a bussiness trip and I can come along!

It is a very stunning city with beautiful people and lots to see and do.

My husband bought back some Seattle beads for me in the past (and Las Vegas too).

The engraved Pandora murano is very stunning!

And I bought a Pandora Seattle dangle last year! This is the logo of the Seattle Mariners, but the fun thing is it is also my husband’s initial! He already had a sweatshirt with this logo and I always teased him with his monogramed clothes.

The next bead I got is the I ❤️ WA bead from Ohm beads. The Seattle skyline on the back is so stunningly detailed!



One bead I also feel is Seattle is the Alaska King Crab from Ohm beads. I have been a huge fan of Deadliest Catch for years and feel this is very Seattle too!


I made a Fourth of July bracelet with some of the Seattle beads this summer.

And I met up with Leann from Charms Addict and the Ohm people last year! It was so much fun meeting people I met through the Facebook groups and because of collecting beads!

I am really looking foreward to my next trip, hoping to see some old friends, visiting stunning places and wondering which beads to get next?

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