Sci Fi and Space

I do not own many themed bracelets. But one I really love is my space bangle. My first space bead was Ohm Cute Ufo. It was I believe also my first Ohm bead!


For a while he was just a very lonely space bead. I had my eye on the Live long and Prosper bead from Ohm for a long time and I had to get it the day Lenard Nemoy died.


It took a while before the next space bead came along, but what a star that is!  The very stunning, now highly sought after Ohm Luna!


Here is Luna with some Pandora, the space theme is coming along!

My next buy would make my space theme come alive! The Ohm bead Space Shuttle. It looks stunning on a necklace!


Put together they look so much fun on a bangle!


My latest buys are the Ohm Austronaut and Ohm The World. Now my bangle is becoming a galaxy on it’s own!


Added Live long and Prosper on a double leather to enhance the theme.


I have always been fascinated by space, aliens, ufo’s, Star Trek and sci fi! And now our son has started studying astronomy at university it means even more to me!

Live long and prosper!!

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