I am Dutch you know!

Waiting for the new Ohm Going Dutch bead that will be revealed tomorrow, I want to show the dutch beads I already collected.

It started with the Trollbeads Royal Orange. When in 2013 our Willem Alexander was crowned King of the Netherlands Trollbeads released the limited edition Royal Orange and I bought it for my future Dutch bracelet.

Tucked away in my beadbox, there were always other beads to buy and my Dutch bracelet was not making much progress!

In the beginning of 2015 I started to get seriously interested in Ohm beads and started a bracelet. With my visit to Seattle coming I wanted to show my country and bought the windmill! Such a cute and detailed bead!

In Seattle I met up with Kit, Jenny and Mike from Ohm beads! It was a fun afternoon with much bead talk and hanging out! Mike told me that a special Dutch bead would be released soon, a sailboat. Wow, I was so excited!

A couple of weeks later I went to the launch party at juweller Arie de Koning in Balk to see and purchase the very first bead in the Going Dutch collection, the Skûtsjesilen bead! This sailboat is a very old boat used for centuries to transport cargo. No longer used for their original purpose they are still maintained and used for regattas. It is an iconic symbol for the provence of Friesland.


Now I wanted to get my Dutch bracelet going and found the retired Ohm beads tulip (right) and the limited edition Trollbeads Dutch tulip (left).

Only a few weeks later Ohm beads released the second Going Dutch bead Ride Me.

In the Netherlands a lot of people ride a bike, especially in the cities. Parents transport their children around town with their bike, so the bead has two children’s seats, on on the front and one on the back! Supercute!!

A quick buy from Perlen Odense and two (or three) new beads were added, Red Bali Frog Dutch clogs and Trollbeads Amsterdam townhouse.

Now it starts to look like a bracelet!

I found Trollbeads Oranje Boven from the World Tour collection and dug out the red, white and blue Pandora from my beadbox, perfect Dutch flag!

On the very top of my Dutch wishlist is Ohm beads Je Maintiendrai (wear it with pride) but that always has to make way for other beadbuys. Also the Trollbeads Dutch world tour beads and the Faerybeads Thinking of Holland collection are on my wishlist.

So that is my Dutch bracelet so far. I am so very excited for the next Going Dutch release! I have heard rumors, but we will finally find out tomorrow!

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