Beads and beasts

Currently I have one dog named Zora and one cat named Boris.

And ofcourse I have beads to represent my pets.

I used to have two dogs, my first dog Robin passed away five years ago.

I have shown this picture before, the Pandora doghouse bead to remember Robin with the letter R engraved on the bottom.

The Pandora doggie bead I got for Zora on my first family bracelet also shown in the picture above.

I have these two Ohm beads together, they represent my dog and cat so well! Boris is so in love with Zora.

This Labrador from Ohm beads I have combined with the Ohm beads Burger. I am a vegetarian and loved this burgerbead so I came up with this idea, because Zora’s favourite toy is her hamburger!

This is Ohm beads Ho Ho No Grumpy Cat. Boris really can look at me like that if he is annoyed!

Zora also stars in many bead pictures.

Backing together for the weekend. (Trollbeads bracelet with Pandora, Trollbeads and Ohm beads).

Photobombing my attempt to take a romanic picture! (Pandora bracelet and beads).

Playtime! (Pandora bracelet and beads).

Walkies! Do you see Zora, in the distance! (Ohm beads bangles with Ohm beads and Pandora beads).

Animals really enrich our lives and I love the beads to represent them!


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