Ohm beads Cute bunny?

Today I am showing the Ohm beads Bead of the Month March 2017, Bunny Reaper.

The Ohm beads Bead of the Month is a very popular release among the bead collectors! It’s limited editions really appeal to collectors and the concept is still going strong! It started in June of 2015 and Ohm said they will continue as long as they feel like it! I only missed two so far, I couldn’t stomach Holey Ham (December 2015) because I am a vegetarian. I know, I have all the Turkey Platters, but this one I couldn’t. And last months Love Kills, skulls creep me out!

So I was very happy that this months bead was a cutie! (At least compared to lasts months)

The packaging is as always a lot of fun. This month is a box decorated with Easter eggs.

A certificate is added with the serial number that is also engraved on the bead and the total amount of beads made.

The Bunny Reaper is a cute looking little bunny with a hooded coat, but getting scary because he is holding a scythe.

There is always a story that goes with the bead and here is his story:

Don’t be a silly sod. Bunny’s aren’t scary. The Bunny Reaper arrives every Spring. He brings death to us all with his cute little nose. The most beautifully decorated eggs attract him and he’s coming to collect them all. People try to hide their eggs and avoid The Bunny’s visit, some even try fending him off with bribery, tricks, or chocolate.

To ward off the Bunny Reaper, keep marshmallow bunnies at the ready. Another good tactic is jelly beans. If you don’t want your beautiful eggs to disappear during Easter, don’t paint them too prettily, don’t play any fun games like egg hunting, egg rolling, and egg tapping. If you have any chocolate eggs at home during Easter, Bunny Reaper will take them first – so plan your egg hiding very carefully. He doesn’t like images of himself, so a chocolate bunny works wonders. Are you brave at heart willing to keep death close and not be afraid? Sterling silver is the way to go and you don’t have to worry about it being eaten. If you have your own Bunny Reaper by OHM, he will protect your family during the Spring for generations to come. #LifeIsDeath #EmbraceSpring


The detail of this small bead is amazing, cute nose, little teeth, cute floppy ears and a bunny tail on the back. The contrast with the scary scythe is so funny!


I made an Easter/Spring bangle using two Fireballs and from the Six Pack collection Feel Bangin’ glass. I further added Tulip from the Going Dutch collection, exclusively available at Dutch retailers. And the retired Tulip and Rooster. On a twisted bangle with fire-ish stoppers.


I stacked the bangle with a Pandora leather bracelet and clips and Year of the Cock, Ohm beads Bead of the Month of January. I did not have any chickens, so had to do with them.

To finish of I made my own little story starring the bunny and the roosters.


“Are you on egg guarding duty tonight? I feel something is creeping up on us!”

Bunny Reaper, put that scythe to good use and help me cut those tulips!

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