Ohm beads gorgeous glass

Last night I noticed that I have been buying more Ohm beads glass! The designs this year especially have been so gorgeous! Time to look at my Ohm beads glass collection!

It all started with the first Bead of the Month back in June 2015, Cave In! And the July 2015 bead of the month Latte.

Inspired by gorgeous amber I collected the colours to match my amber bracelet.

This is my first finished Ohm beads Amber inspired bracelet with Cave In and Latte, from the Six Pack collection Feel bangin and Play Doctor, the two glass beads Hipster Hops and Bar Brawl from the October Fest collection and Bacon to match Latte.

Next was Cherry Sauce, a retired design made by an American artist. The shape is very unique!

A couple of facet beads for a bangle full of hearts! Left Living Red and right Passion red.

With Caramel Latte bead of the month July 2016 and two Randohms from Great Lakes Boutique I made my fall/Haloween bracelet, together with Latte and Bacon.

Because I took those two from my Amber bracelet I replaced them with Incremental Change and Mulled Cider.

Next are the stunning Purple Haze! Absolutely gorgeous!

Another gorgeous set is the two crystal beads Ice and Meteorite. I put them on my Christmas/winter bangle. (It was a Christmas bangle with two Pandora red garnet cabochons, I replaced them after Christmas with two white moonstone ones)

Fireballs, amazing detail and so much fun designing bangles with!

Winter Frost, another bead from the hand of the American artist on my Winter Blues bracelet.

When I moved Purple Haze (and added Ice and Meteorite ) to my Woodstock/Hippy bracelet I had to buy new glass for my Space bangle and got two Dreamscapes. They are even more perfect, the little bubbles look like stars!

Preparing for Haloween I already have made a bangle with two glass beads from the Dark Shadows collection 2nd edition Dark Soul and Broken Heart. Here combined with Pandora glass.

I scored big time at the Meet & Greet with Mike Ohm at jeweller Diekman and got Rainbowed, Hot Chocolate, Strawberry and a retired bead, again from the American artist, Lemon.

Who can resist such a table full of goodies?

Here is Green Crack, the colour is so beautiful and the cracked texture gives this bead an extra dimension. This is becoming one of my all time favourites!

And I have been working on expanding my sunny bright summerfun stack with the OhmGnomes. I got Forsythia and Sunshine (left) and two beads called Vacation (right).

My wishlist is growing with every release, so I will keep on adding to my collection and to this story!

6 thoughts on “Ohm beads gorgeous glass

  1. Love your collection! The cherry sauce ones are so yummy looking. I think one of my all time favourites has to be Bar Brawl as it’s so warm looking.


  2. Do you know the name of the American Artist who made Winter Frost, Lemon, and Cherry Sauce? Do any of those beads have the name on the backside collar?

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