Ohm beads Kamasutra

Bead of the month for September is Kamasutra! Only 696 are made. 

It comes in a beautiful box with a moving image in the top when you open the box.

Inspired by Heart of Stone I made this unveiling video. Please turn up your sound when watching this! 

Ohm beads added this description to the bead: Kamasutra is not just about sex. It is also about love, energy, desire, and life itself. The main purpose of Kamasutra teaching is to educate about proper use of sexual energy. The idea is quite simple – when there is an equal contribution and engagement from all participants the process of making love becomes truly fulfilling, pleasurable, and fruitful. Kamasutra speaks to acceptance of all body shapes and forms, promoting touch as a key to a healthy trustful relationship. 

 The bead is tucked away in a convenient plain black pouch. It comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, the number is engraved in the bead. This is number 176. 

Kamasutra seen from different angles. It has a mat finish. It is similar to Woodstock, both in size and in finish.

I designed this bangle with two Fireballs and two red facet glass beads. Red is the colour of passion! 

Here I wear it on the ball chain necklace.

And I have been wearing Kamasutra with this stack today! There are Ohm beads facetted glass, two Hive Mind and two June spinners. Stacked with a Pandora double leather, two Pandora clips and Ohm beads Butterflies.

I had to giggle all day, it felt the same as wearing sexy lingerie! But then I realized it’s more cheeky! While lingerie is not seen, this bead is! Just out in the open and no one really knows what you are wearing! It gave me butterflies in my stomach! 

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