Ohm beads UFO

Space themes are one of the most popular and versatile themes there are in my opinion! It can contain astronomy, sci-fi, aliens, spacecrafts, comics. I for one am mesmerized by all the possibilities and scenarios that are out there! The sky is the limit! 

Today I am reviewing Ohm beads UFO. The bead was released in June and it came on the top of my wishlist right away! 

It’s super detailed! This UFO has flown through space for a long time and looking at it’s dome had some exiting encounters! 

If you are looking for the marks, they are inside the hole. The hole in this bead runs diagonal, so the bead sits at an angle on the bracelet!

It’s a beautiful bigger bead and super to create bangles with!

The first bangle I made is with Luna and Cute UFO. The glass is Dreamscape. Here you can see the difference in size compaired with Cute UFO.

UFO landed on a green planet! Combined here with Green Crack glass and Hive Mind, bead of the Month August 2016.

With Fireballs! I really love this combination!

With different colours together. From left to right: Robot, Purple Haze, UFO, Fireball, Luna, Dreamscape and Astronaut.

With two Robots, a Ciberman and a Borg! The glass is Purple Haze.

And I stacked this bangle with the Space bangle I already created. On that bangle are Spaceshuttle, Alien Chestburster, Astronaut,   Luna, Rocket, the World and Cute UFO. The glass is Dreamscape. On the leather is Live Long and Prosper.

With these same beads I made a full bracelet. Added Moon Me (top right) because I ran out of space themed beads!

Orbiting my wrist nicely!

UFO is also stunning on the ball necklace. The fun with space is there is no up or down, so I put UFO upside down.

And then OhmGnome and OhmGnomus discovered the landed UFO and wanted to go for a spin!

“To boldy go where no OhmGnome has gone before!”

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples 

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