Ohm beads Gouda

Launched a few months ago this summer I am a little late with my review, but here it is!

Ohm beads Gouda is the fourth bead in the Going Dutch collection.

The box is a gorgeous cheesy yellow!

This is a two tone limited edition, exclusive for the Netherlands. Only 222 are made. It comes with a numbered certificate, the corresponding number is engraved on the bead. There also is an all silver, non limited version.

This bead shows two men called kaasdragers, that means cheese carriers. It is an old tradition in the Netherlands, mainly for tourists today. But there are still five cheese markets where cheese is beeing brought in and traded on a weekly basis.

It is very detailed and super cute! A perfect Dutch souvenir.

The creation of this bead began in 2015 when I visited Seattle and met Kit, Jenny and Mike from Ohm beads! Mike told me they where launching the Going Dutch collection a few weeks later with a sailboat and he asked me for more ideas for the collection. I pitched some ideas, this beeing one of them. 

Rumours of the cheese bead spread the next year and when I hosted Kit’s traveling Ohm Gnome I posted this picture on social media with the text “we are ready to say cheese”! Frank Ohm got nervous thinking there was a leak! I really did not know what design it would be. I saw the bead for the first time when, again visiting Seattle last November, Kit showed it to me! I am so happy this design made it into a bead!

This is my Dutch bracelet. The clogs are Redbalifrog. The red/white/blue glass Pandora. Other glass, tulip on the left and Amsterdam townhouse Trollbeads. The lion, supercute but no idea! The rest is Ohm beads and I will show a bit more of them.

To begin a quick review of the other beads in the Going Dutch collection.

Skûtsjesilen is the first one. It is an old sailboat, used for centuries to transport cargo. No longer used for this purpose, today they are lovingly maintained and used for regattas. They are iconic for the province of Friesland. The bead is limited edition, only 333 beads are made. It comes with the numbered certificate but no special box.

Second is Ride Me. In the Netherlands many parents transport their children on bikes, especially around town. This bead is a bicycle with two children’s seats, one on the front and one on the back! Again this is limited to 333 beads and has the certificate and again no special box.

And the third one is Tulips. This bead is not limited, so no certificate or special box.

There are some more Ohm beads I use on my Dutch bracelet. The windmill (top left) and tulip (top right) are both retired and not especially for the Netherlands but ofcourse I put them on! 

And last but not least: Je Maintiendrai, wear him with pride. This is a special edition made for the Netherlands. There are two different sizes.

I am proud and so happy that our little country has so many special beads! The beads in the Going Dutch collection are all still available at Dutch Ohm beads retailers. Many ship worldwide.

You can read more about my Dutch bracelet on an earlier blogpost called I am Dutch you know!

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