Ohm beads Rotten Heart

Ohm beads is always streatching the boundaries with their bead designs, like with Kamasutra. Here is another design that amazed me and made me look in awe!

This is the story Ohm beads added to this bead:

At the beginning of time, there was love. Since then spiritual leaders, doctors, and healers have tried to find it. They searched our bodies, operating on our hearts to find any trace of love inside. If love indeed resided inside human hearts, someone would have surely located it by now. But love wasn’t inside the heart, it endured after the heart was long gone. 

True love is eternal and does not stop when our heart stops. One day decay and rot will take everything that we think of as ourselves away. But the most important thing will stay, as long as there is another to carry our memory in the unbroken chain of humanity. Love does not end with death. Death does not end the connection of our souls to one another. 

There is more to the story! One day your heart will stop beating, and that will be the end of your body. But your true love will live on. 

End of quote.

This sure is a bead that I looked at with a lot of mixed feelings! I don’t do skulls, zombies or skeletons! But I am always drawn to hearts. For me it’s such an awesome symbol! I feel love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. I wrote a blogpost about heartbeads earlier.

I hear you say, what about Love Gage then? Yes, tricky! But this bead became very dear to me after my son left home this year because of the meaning: if you love someone set them free.

The chalange was to find meaning for myself in this controversial bead. The aspect of love is obvious here and I explored this further. If I wanted to fit this heart into my collection I had to make that happen!

On a bangle with two randohm glass beads and two Love Hurts (LE 2014). I love this colour, it looks a bit toxic! 

Rotten Heart goes really well with Love Cage (BOTM February 2016)! There is Bacon (LE 2014) and two July spinners.

Really stunning with two Fireballs and Kamasutra (BOTM September 2017) and Woodstock (LE 2017).

With Latte (BOTM July 2015), Caramel Latte (BOTM July 2016) and two Hive Mind (BOTM August 2016).

Rotten Heart can also be worn on the ball necklace. Really cute!

It doesn’t freak me out anymore when I look at this bead, it is really a very detailed amazing bead! The story is crystal clear, this is what ultimately is coming. So we darn better make the best of the time that is given! 

For me this bead means to celebrate life, every day! So now I get reminded of that every time I look at it! 

And the Ohm Gnomes alway know how to party! This bangle says is all for me! With Lucky Moves (BOTM March 2016), Dirty Moves (LE 2017) and Lucky Stars (LE 2017).

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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