Ohm beads Time Flies

The expression Time Flies is used often. This year has gone by so fast, Christmas is just around the corner! So yes, for me time has flown! I am so happy Ohm beads managed to make this into a bead! And what a stunning one! 

Released November 1st. It’s an old fashioned alarm clock with those big annoying bells, the time is set on 2:22 (Ohm beads is a little nuts with numbers)! And it has wings! Hence Time Flies! 

But here comes the clever bit, the wings actually move! 

I tried to capture the moving wings in this video.

The detail on the wings is so delecate! Left OhmMyGod 2.0 (LE 2017) and right OhmMyGod 1.0 (LE 2015).

It’s genius that Time Flies actually can fly, but the moving wings makes the bead sit perfectly between the adjoining beads, two Love Hurts (LE 2014).

It is a stunning focal bead, great fun to make bangles with! With two Fireballs.

Here with two Lux Ice and OhmMyGod 1.0 and 2.0.

With two Hive Mind (BOTM August 2016), two July spinners and Red Crystal and red facet beads.

Don’t you feel a year goes by so fast? So I made a four seasons bracelet. Dutch Tulips (special edition for the Netherlands), Green Crack, Butterflies, Strawberry, Time Flies, Rainbowed, Trick or Treat (BOTM October 2017), Fireball and Snowflake.

Yes, time really flies, we are almost done with Year of the Rooster and entering Year of the Dog soon!

This is such an unique bead, so beautiful designed and works so well with the adjustable wings! And you know when time really flies for me? When I am playing with my beads! 

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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