Ohm beads Beadmas Day 2

Welcome to Beadmas Day 2! I am so happy to host a fun give away here on my blog! 

Beadmas is all about Ohmily from around the world connecting, having fun and winning a bead or two! The price to be won today is an (that is one) Ohm Gnome, send directly from Ohm beads HQ! The winner will be picked at random. You can comment below and the contest closes at Seattle midnight P.M.T. (09:00 hours C.E.T.). Good luck!

Your chalange for today is to describe how you would like to spend your Christmas holiday. If it was entirely up to you, what would you do or where would you go? Maybe it is what you have planned or just ditch the inlaws and run off to a tropical island? Have fun dreaming up a nice story! 

My dream Christmas would be a stay at a Scandinavian ice hotel, next door to Santa, way on top of the world! I know it will be freezing, but in my dream it is so romantic and beautiful! Sleighrides and stargazing and hoping for Aurora Boralis! Guaranteed a white Christmas! Hopefully bump into Santa before he leaves! 

I wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

46 thoughts on “Ohm beads Beadmas Day 2

  1. I would love to take all of my Children to Disney World Florida for Christmas, it would be my dream come true to see their faces light up when we told them 😊


  2. Me, hubby, the kids….husky sledding. Northern lights. Hot chocolate. Warm hands. Big smiles. Lots of love. Who’m I kidding…reality will be over cooked turkey and kids in tears because they got the wrong Lego kit. 😂


  3. Once in a lifetime I would like to spend Xmas time with some unfortunate People.
    Family Comes always first, and My parents and beloved ones would be probably upset not being all together, But I feel the real meaning of Xmas is sharing love with homeless, and lonely People…Xmas means love and sharing, But for many People is just another bad day.
    Hope to be able to do this, one day 💜


  4. I would love to go to Grindelwald with my family and live in those cabin without internet and social media. Just skiing and having fun with indoor games, meal, movie marathon and keep warm near the fireplace chit chating. Wonderful holiday moments to spend with family is the most wonderful moment.


  5. Well, as i live in Ukraine. And as you know, there is a war in my country. So, i want to spend this winter holiday in peace. Just to wake up at least couple of days without sad news that some one died.


  6. Hi.

    Darlie Zamri here. 🙂

    My dream Christmas is to bring my husband to Lamborghini factory, Bologna Italy.

    He xreally like to travel that much. But he is keen to go there heheh

    Would be great to go somewhere where he really love ❤️ Since he had been going to places that I wanna go Hehe.


  7. Such a great idea. I’d love to have a brunch with my family on the first day of Christmas. I’m fed up with the same same every year that’s why I’d love to have some new and modern changes with a brunch and a mix of modern and traditional food.


  8. I would love for my husband and I to get away during the holidays and truly relax. Sit in a log cabin somewhere in the woods, with a fireplace and a bottle of wine and just enjoy the peace 🙂


  9. I would love to go to New York with my family for one day of Christmas shopping first. Then visit the North Pole and help the elves painting. Then go home for the 24th of December and bake cookies with my daughter and decorate the christmas tree with her while listening to Disney´s Twelve Days of Christmas. Then go to church to see my son playing the shepherd in the nativity play. Later go to my auntie´s house and have Fondue and Raclette with our oldie family members, they are 80, 80 and 79 years old) ❤


  10. My dream vacation this Christmas would be to take my boyfriend to Australia. It’s the most exotic place on my travel list!


  11. I’m happy just having all my kids over on Christmas, and I have to have my picture! Christmas can be anywhere but it has to be with the ones you love. I have a new grandson this year so it’s going to be so much extra fun. I’m having fun finding little things for him. I’m usually bluh at the holidays but now I have a grandson to wipe all that away. Family is what it’s all about. I love seeing them all silent eating away also. LOL


  12. I would love to celebrate Christmas Dinner in Dracula’s Castle : [ _ with a big big medieval table and dressed like Bram Stoker’s film.


  13. I would spend in a a quaint small town or village with cobblestone streets, tasteful Christmas lights, and a cozy restaurant drinking eggnog and hot chocolate and playing cards with my kids.


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