Ohm beads Year of the Dog

The next bead in the Ohm beads serie Bead of the Month is January Year of the Dog. According to the Chinese astrological calendar the Year of the Dog starts on February 16th. If you are born in the year 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 or 2018 this is your sign. As you can see the Zodiac repeats every 12 years and cycles through all 5 elements. This year is the year of the Male Earth Dog, Mountain Dog or the Brown Dog.

Ohm beads sure made it a party again! Nicely packaged!

The bead comes in a beautiful embroidered pouch.

And with a Mala, a string of beads used for meditation! The beads are made of African wenge wood.

The bead is limited edition, only 1234 are made. This is number 423. It comes with a numbered certificate with a three letter code that is engraved in the bead. This method was used earlier with the limited editions. For a while the numbers themselves were engraved in the bead, but to protect the authenticity and prevent rip-offs Ohm beads went back to this system. I have put YOTD on the code to prevent copying.

He is very cute and detailed. The dog is praying/meditating with his mala and wears a hooded coat.

When I picked him up at the jewellery store they just had some more Unicorny glass come in! So I had to take one home with me! Here on a bangle called Praying for Rainbows and Unicorns. With from left to right OhmMyGod (SE 2015), Lucky Stars (SE 2017), Rainbowed (LE 2017), YOTD, Unicorny (LE 2017), Lucky Moves (BOTM March 2016) and Stupid Cupid (SE 2018).

I just had to do a bangle with my other dog beads. This one is called Hound Fest. From left to right: Labrador, Hipster Hops, YOTD, Bar Brawl and Dog & Bone.

For my blogpost Time Flies I made a similar bangle with a rooster and a dog. Now that I have the right dog bead I can make the right bangle called Time Flies Year after Year, with Year of the Rooster (BOTM January 2017), Rainbowed, Time Flies, Strawberry (LE 2017) and YOTD.

This is Animal Carnival, they are all dressed up so nicely! From left to right: Forsythia, Bunny Reaper (BOTM March 2017), Fireball (LE 2017), Baby Argh, Fireball, YOTD and Sunshine.

An Animal bracelet filled with all my Ohm beads animals! I am not going to list all the names. If you want them, please leave a comment and I will provide them!

And my last bangle I really love is called Peace Please! With Stupid Cupid, July Spinner, OhmMyGod, Play Doctor, YOTD, Strawberry, OhmMyGod 2.0 (SE 2017), July Spinner and Wheeping Warrior (BOTM January 2016).

Good thing I already had a red day!

This dog bead is so much fun and really made for me, because dogs are a huge part of my life! And I am going to use the mala to meditate. Thank you Ohm beads for this package full of fun!

2 thoughts on “Ohm beads Year of the Dog

  1. Love all your combinations. As usual I flipped and flopped about getting this one but ended up not, no one in my house is a YOTD and I don’t have a dog so I’m just going to live vicariously through all the beautiful shared posts

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