Ohm beads Melting Heart

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and Ohm beads released two beautiful heart designs called Melting Heart. One is with chocolate tips and is a limited edition. This Chocolate tipped heart is only available for the Valentines season, so it is limited in time, not in numbers. The plain silver edition is part of the regular collection.

Ohm beads stock photos.

The chocolate tips are a brown enamel and looks so yummy!

I made a few bangles and the first one is “I am on fire for you!” Stupid Cupid needs assisting and Year of the Dog is helping to melt your heart using the Fireballs!

This is “don’t let it be too late!” Don’t wait too long if someone melts your heart! With Strawberry, Time Flies, Play Doctor and Rotten Heart.

An all silver bangle “Angel protection”. The OhmMyGod angels protect against Love Hurts.

“Valentines Date” with Ohm Fest, Kamasutra and facet glass.

“Summer Heat”, your heart can melt faster on a gorgeous summer day! With Life’s a beach, Sunshine, Melting Heart, Forsythia and Butterflies.

“Baby melts my heart” with Wings of Protection, two Poisoned Apples and Cave In.

And with a chocolate theme “Chocolate Love” with two silver Hive Mind, two Ice Lux, Chocolate Bar and Hot Chocolate glass.

The Melting Heart can also be worn on the ball chain necklace.

Another stunning Ohm beads heart joined the collection and can be combined with a lot of different designs!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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