Ohm beads Tea Bag

The Ohm Beads Bead of the Month February 2018 is Tea Bag. I think a lot of us drink tea, maybe at breakfast or an afternoon high tea. So it will appeal to a lot of people!

It comes very appropriately packaged! Inside an Ohm tea tin there is a tea strainer. Both you can really use! Inside the tea strainer is the bead packaged in a teabag! You actually have to rip that open to get the bead out!

It’s a limited edition, only 2222 are made, this is no. 1157. The bead comes with a certificate with the serial number and a corresponding code that is engraved in the bead.

The tea bag is attached to the label with a little chain that is moving freely through a loop in the tea leaf bail.

Here in my home we only drink green tea. This bangle is called “Green Brew.” I think the Green Crack glass is perfect and the two Hive Minds look just like the tea strainer!

This is my take on a great british tradition: “High Tea.” British tea is a strong black brew that you can only drink with lots of milk! And the treats to go with it. Here are two Ice Lux, one Dark Soul glass and a Cupcake.

And talking about Britain and their tea, I always love how they grab a cuppa if things go bad! When a crisis is at hand, go and put the kettle on! So I call this bangle “Cup of tea love?” With two Love Hurts and two facet glass beads.

“Sweet Tea Bag”. If you like to drink it with lots of milk and sugar. I combined the Ice Lux and Hive Mind with two Caramel Latte. The texture looks and feels like sugar cubes.

OhmGnome loves a party, so he and OhmGnomus are having a teaparty! “High Summer High Tea” this bangle is called, with two Fireballs, Forsythia and Sunshine glass.

I love that it’s a dangle, Ohm beads does not make a lot of them. You can wear it on a necklace, just a regular chain or the Ohm beads chain. I have made a necklace with two snap clasp bracelets and I really love it!

My Food and Drink bangle is really growing this winter! (I hope I don’t!) With Burger, Coffee to Go, Latte, Pizza, The Feast, Hot Chocolate, Tea Bag, Coffee Collection, Caramel Latte, Cupcake and Chocolate bar.

This dangle bead is so detailed and realistic and so much fun to play with! It is a little piece of every day life caught in a small and perfect work of art!

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