Ohm beads Soul Warrior

Ohm beads released a special limited edition Soul Warrior for Pianeta beads Italy.

Ohm’s describtion of Soul Warrior:

Soul Warriors stand up for their dreams. They fight through hardship and embrace the trials of life. After any defeat, a Soul Warrior will pull themselves back up and rise braver and stronger than before. Soul Warriors strive to love themselves, while accepting their own dark side knowing that we are not perfect.

Soul Warrior embrace the entire rainbow of life

There are two different finishes. An all silver one limited to 555 pieces and a two tone silver with gold headband limited to 333 pieces.

Each bead comes with a coded and numbered certificate, the code is engraved in the bead.

The box again is a real work of art!

It seems Ohm manages to get more and more detail in every bead they make! It’s amazing!

The first bangle I made is with Stupid Cupid, OhmMyGod and the latest Bead of the Month april Spring Refractions.

Stacked with a Trollbeads bangle with the Spiritbeads Kokeshi’s Fan and Little Miss Sunshine, Trollbeads OOAK and Pandora glass and silver beads.

A very simple bangle with two Hive Minds.

Very cheerful with Rotten Heart, Sacred Heart, Year of the Dog and Stupid Cupid. Combined with two Fireballs, Rainbowed and Lemon glass.

Surrounded by nature with Tom the Dead and Year of the Ram. Combined with the colour purple Truebeadz Amsterdam Midnight and stones from the Fremont Sunday Market.

And last but not least a bangle that matches with both the story and art colours. The Hive Minds with my favourite bead Love Hurts and Poisoned Apple glass.

With Wings of Protection, stacked with a Pandora watch.

Another stunning limited edition by Ohm beads! Whilst the two tone bead sold out quickly, the silver bead is still available at this time, check out gold-jewels-italy.com.

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