Ohm Beads Spring Refractions

The next Ohm Beads Bead of the Month is April no. 35 Spring Refractions.

It is a glass bead, not barrel shaped but faceted shaped. The colours are fresh and delicate like spring blossoms! It caused some excitement in the Ohmily world beeing so different both in shape and in colour!

And I am excited because there are not many glass beads in the BOTM series. This is the fourth after Cave In (June 2015), Latte (July 2015) and Caramel Latte (July 2016). And because all Ohm glass is limited edition there is not much glass in stock anywhere at this time.

The bead is limited edition, only 2.222 are made. It comes with a certificate of authenticity. A code is engraved on the bead and that code corresponds with the numbered certificate. The bead comes with a beautiful colour matching box.

The facets reflect the light and enhances the colour of the glass bead perfectly!

The first bangle I made is with delicate beads like Wings of Protection, the two OhmMyGods and two Love Hurts.

Combined with Strawberry, Green Crack, red facet, Bunny Reaper, Bunny Angel and Butterflies. Spring Refractions matches with Green Crack nicely!

Fresh and spring is this bangle wit two Ice Lux, Dutch Tulips, Year of the Rooster and Tulip.

I made a spring bracelet with fresh spring green and tulip red! Finally we can be outside again! We went sailing for the first time yesterday and we love to go cycling and go for a walk in the woods with the dog. The little lambs are in the pasture, the butterflies are back and Easter was early this year. I am now waiting for the first swallows to arrive! I hope spring is there or comes to where you live soon!

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