Ohm beads Love Whirls event at Diekman Nijverdal

Last weekend was the Ohm beads Love Whirls event at jeweller Diekman in Nijverdal, the Netherlands.

Very exciting, the release of the new european limited edition Love Whirls, Ohmniques, lots of beads and ofcourse meeting up with beadfriends!

Love Whirls comes in two versions. The big one is limited to 555 pieces and exclusive for Europe. Luckily many Ohmsters ship worldwide! The smaller bead is not a limited edition and also only available in Europe.

The limited edition bead comes with a numbered certificate and a code which is also engraved in the bead.

The fun about beadcollecting is talking to and meeting people from all over the world through the magic powers of the Internet! And now I found a beadfriend just around the corner through Instagram where she posts her bracelets including the ones she wears when she works at Ikea. So when I went to Ikea I looked at every employees wrist and eventually found her!

I picked up my beadfriend and we left on a beautiful spring saturday morning. Dressed in our finest bracelets and beads we headed to Nijverdal. After some shopping and lunch on a sunny terrace we arrived at jeweller Diekman.

We could choose a number we liked for Love Whirls.

It was so good to meet old and new beadfriends! Some travelled far to be here! From Germany, France and Denmark!

Here a peek at the Ohmniques and retired glass beads. Lots was already picked out by eager beadfans.

Spoiled for choise! What to take home? It’s like beeing a kid in a candystore!!

Trying on some rings. I am sure I tried them all!

It’s awesome to handpick the glass beads, here the gorgeous new baby glass Purple Wish.

All gathered around the beads, talking, taking pictures, admiring each others bracelets and picking out beads.

Frank organized a great event again! It’s Italy next!

And this is the bracelet he was wearing, very special! (No spoilers!)

A lovely beadfriend surprised me with the Dragon’s Breath she knew I missed! What a beautiful present! Thank you again!!

Thank you Cari, Frank and everyone at Diekman for an awesome day!

My beadhaul from the event, together with Love Whirls. The orange ones on the left are Ohmniques, to the right Dragon’s Breath and a purple Ohmnique. And two Confetti Upchucks! And on the right some old school glass beads: the pink one is Thunderstorms and the red one Sky Fire from the 2013 limited edition Summer Sky collection. And Luminous and Reflections from the Aurora Borealis collection. Whoops, I overspent a little! And I put back several other beads!

I made a bangle with the Confetti Upchucks, Dragon’s Breath, Love Whirls, Open Your Heart and two Love Hurts.

The colour of Thunderstorms matches beautifully with Spring Refractions! On a bangle with Love Whirls, Butterflies, Bunny Reaper and Bunny Angel. Stacked with a Pandora double leather bracelet with two Pandora clips, Boogily Heads dirty Paper Bag and Pumpkin Billy and the purple Ohmnique.

The Sky Fire bead (far left) I added to my Ohm Gnomes bangle. The two orange Ohmniques go perfect with Fireball, Strawberry and Lemon. Can you tell this is one of my most favourite colour combinations!

Luminous and Reflections are on my Bracelet of the Sea.

We had such a fun day! Thank you beadfriends, Frank and Diekman for an awesome event! Until next time!

Check out Ohm beads Nederland and Frank Ohm on Facebook for more event pictures!

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