OhmGnome Fest 2018

The giveaway is now closed and we have a winner! Please contact me with your info!

OGfest is upon us again! This means four days of fun, games, chalanges and giveaways throughout social media! And I am so happy to host a giveaway here on my blog!

The prize I am to give away is Gnomeo from the Sherlock Gnomes collection! This chalange runs for 24 hours on June 8 and ends on midnight Seattle time. The winner will be picked at random. Have fun and good luck!

My chalange for you is to describe a Feast you would love to have:

Who would you invite? It can be anybody real or fake!

Where would the Feast take place? Anywhere real or phantasy!

How would you and your guests travel to that Feast? Anything real or imagined!

Will you be dressed up? Your most wanted costume!

Or anything else you can dream up, I would love to hear!

Let your imagination run wild and come up with an awesome Feast!!

25 thoughts on “OhmGnome Fest 2018

  1. A great party would be on top of the Eiffel tower with all my bead friends. We’d drink cocktails and champagne and eat lots of “petit fours” and french pastries. With a lot of music so we could dance. And there would be lots of beads too, of course!


  2. HThe best party for me would be a spring day, in a beautiful green garden, in the shade of trees. All the people I love would be invited. the missing would be there too. there would be laughter everywhere. we would eat, we would dance, we would have fun, maybe we would sing… everyone would be happy … and we would forget all the misery in the world. We would be just happy to be all together to share this good moment so small it is.I know it’s a bit idealistic, but the dream is so beautiful!


  3. Ok…so…
    I did not have a feast fro my 50 years….that’s why I would love to organize
    A beautiful party in the woods….I would like to have with me all the wood creatures,
    Animals and fairies, gnomes and little magic angels….We would travel to the party on
    A giant firefly, and I would be dressed with a white glowing long dress, a flower crown on my
    Hair and many many many beads on my wrist!!!!! Of course all my real friends would join the
    Feast, and we would have a great fun!!!!!!


  4. I would love to have a big Hawaiian luau and have all my family and the Ohm GNOME’s. Mankini need’s to be center circle since he’s new and has to show off his manliness in his mankini. It would be a eat till all in food coma feast!

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      1. Thank you so much. It was such a surprise to see that. It was so much fun. Thanks again for having the contest.


  5. A feast in New Orleans with shrimp Po’boys, crawfish, funnel cakes and daiquiris! I would bring and invite all my bead friends for a night of bead play and food!


  6. A feast floating on the lake will be like none other! I’ve always dreamt of one that my friends and I will walk on the water surface to the middle of the lake and set up a whole party there, all the while water ripples appear with each of our moves. We would eat and drink and chat till night when the moon and the stars show up and the lake is turned into a huge mirror reflecting the spectaculous milky way. It’s something out of a dream but who knows, it might come true one day! 🤣


  7. I would like to spend a festive celebration in the old historical Museum) at Night))) eat cookies with mummies, drink beer with the Vikings and fairies))) and cook cheese))))

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  8. i want to have a party in a big beautiful castle, invite all fair fairy heroes to the feast of Fairies, Elves!)))… Music, flowers, stars….. rustling of dresses and wings!))) I myself came to a party on a big dragon!!))))


  9. I would like to have a big feast at a beach in Thailand with my hubby and family and we would celebrate my wedding with lots of good Thai food and cocktails and I’d wear a simple dress made of linen or so.

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  10. I would love to have a big feast in the middle of the forest (somewhere in the UK) with candles and lights strung up in the trees and all over the table. I would invite all of my family, my friends, my bead fairies and friends, the cast of Elvis Duran show, and of course Ohm team! Ed Sheehan would be there serenading all of us with his guitar! We would all travel by by horse and carriage! All the ladies would wear beautiful flowy dresses with flower crowns, while the men would wear white and linen to match! We would all wear our Ohm favorites, of course! We would eat anything and everything with lots of wine and beer, oh and coffee!!! We would eat, dance and talk until all hours of the morning! There will be beds in the forest with drapery around them, everyone could rest as needed! We would live out this fantasy feast until our hearts were content and keep this our secret sacred place forever.


  11. I would host a tea party in the forest with all my mad friends. We would hang lanterns from the trees and play music into the early hours.Fictional characters Alice, white rabbit, mad hatter and dormouse would attend. We would feast on cake brought by faeries and drink cocktails from fountains. Johnny Depp would be the guest of honour.


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