Ohm beads Black Coffee

The awesome series Ohm beads Bead of the Month continues with the July bead Black Coffee!

The collection is now entering it’s fourth year and the month of July already has it’s own tradition beeing the coffee month.

The four coffee themed July beads.

It started with Latte in 2015.

Followed by Caramel Latte in 2016.

Coffee Collection in 2017.

And now Black Coffee! This bead can differ in colour, from lighter to very black.

It comes with a coded and numbered certificate, the code is engraved on the bead. Only 2222 beads are made.

It’s all about colour with this bead and mine beeing that dark it’s a bit hard to catch in a picture.

A bangle with all the July Coffee beads and Coffee to Go.

Another food/drink bangle with The Feast Bead of the Month November 2017 and Hot Chocolate.

In heaven with coffee and cream! Added the three Ohm My God, Stupid Cupid and two Ice Lux.

I got inspired by my amber coloured glass beads and added Black Coffee.

This is the first Ohm beads bracelet I put together using the amber coloured Ohm glass. The silver beads vary on this bracelet, but the colours stay. I believe Black Coffee goes so well!

This dark and handsome bead is a wonderfull addition to the collection and can be combined with so many themes and colours!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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