Ohm beads Peach

Ohm beads presented a new design called Peach with the June release. It is a bead in the regular collection and retails for $90.00 or €83.00.

When I started this review I did some research on the meaning of the word peach. English is not my first language, I know it’s a fruit, but I think it has more sides to it. I feel this bead has more looks and meanings!

The bead has a matt, brushed finish mimicking the soft velvet skin of a peach. That is in beautiful contrast with the shiny leaves and stem on top. It gives the bead so much more interest and depth.

The shape of the bead however lets my imagination run wild!

First, it looks like a heartshape to me! So it will go well with my other Ohm hearts!

Another association I get looking at this bead is cleavage! I tried to find a decent picture online and then realized the Ohm Beadfairy could model that very nicely! This bead is going to be released on July 5th! I believe that is actually called a sweat heart neckline. (I watch too much Say yes to the dress!)

And I know everybody agrees when I say I see butt cheeks! And who better to show that off than Moon Me!

But seriously now! Time to show it with some bnagle designs. It is a bigger bead and a beautiful focal piece, great to wear solo on a bangle. A breezy summer look!

A heart themed bangle combined with Rotten Heart, Melting Heart and two Fireballs.

Another heart theme in all silver with two Love Hurts and two Hive Mind.

The sassy side of this bead with Kamasutra, Rainbowed and two July spinners.

Solo with beautiful Poisoned Apple and Spring Refractions.

Summer feelings with Butterflies, Lemon and two Confetti Upchuck.

Lots of vitamine C! Combined with Forbidden fruit, Trick or Treat and two facets.

I love the versatility and feel of this bead, so many possibilities and combinations and perfect for a long summer!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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