Preview True Ohm Moskow set

Здравствуйте ОМбасадорцы,

OHM has partnered with True Beadz to create the True OHM: Moscow Set. This is a two bead set and only 222 have been made.

MOSKVA-REKA (True Beadz glass) & WHITESTONE (Silver OHM Panorama) make up the TRUE OHM: MOSCOW SET

This design is a limited edition collaborative release via the OHM Together website. Item includes unique box and certificate of authenticity. The glass design is exclusive to this project and includes much variation, much like the Moscow River (MOSKVA-REKA) itself.

The panorama design features a city map on the bottom, and prominent Moscow buildings such as: State Historical Museum, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, GUM, and Spasskaya Tower.

It will be released on Ohm Together on August 10 and retails for $ 120.

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