Ohm beads The Office

The next bead in the Ohm beads series Bead of the Month is August No. 39 The Office.

It’s part of Ohm beads 10th anniversary serie Shitty Ohm. I think Ohm tried to be controversial and give us an anniversary collection we all will remember! And to show what they had to deal with the last couple of years!

The bead comes in it’s own outhouse, down the poop box!

And it comes with a certificate of authenticity with a code and a number, the code is engraved on the bead. Only 2222 beads are made.

The Office is an old fashioned outhouse. It is very detailed, the wood looks very real and it has a hinging door!

So the next question was what to do with this bead!

A match made in heaven with this theme is ofcourse Moon Me!

Making a bangle with Tulip, two Poisoned Apple (how appropriate) and two spinners.

This bead can also be a garden shed! So I made a bangle with Tulips, Butterflies, Lucky Moves, Moving On, two Green Crack and two Spring Refractions.

How about it beeing a beach hut! Mankini and Scuba are spending their holiday at the beach looking out onto the Great Barrier Reef. With Striped Sailfish, Starfish, Sunshine, Forsythia and two Reef Dust.

Getting back to the original theme, it all begins with food. So I made a bangle with Burger, The Feast, Cupcake, Caramel Latte, Bacon, Latte and two spinners.

In the end it all goes down the drain anyway!

But on a serious note, with my husband having Crohn’s, poop can tell you about the state of your health. So it is worth checking what you produce and when it’s different in colour, consistency, frequency or gets painfull you can check online for more information or if you get worried consult your doctor.

OhmGnome asked me when I am done with the bead if he and his friends can turn it into a playhouse!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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