Ohm beads Astronargh

Today I take a look at the Ohm beads Bead of the Month September Astronargh!

Three years ago Argh was the Bead of the Month September for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Now a very sought after bead.

Argh already had some space adventures back then for the start of a new Doctor Who season!

Many requests were made for another Argh. Ohm made Baby Argh, a cute smaller Argh version.

There was no preview of Astronargh, it was a blind preorder. So I constructed an image of how I thought he would look like! He is designed by Maya Uh and was revealed at the OHM10 anniversay weekend in New Orleans.

The packaging is very creative! I did not know what it was when I opened it! But after smelling and even licking it I realized that it’s a bath bomb!

I made a video of the bath bomb reveal.

Finally Astronargh surfaced from his epic adventure!

Astronargh is a limited edition, only 999 are made. He comes with a certificate of authenticity with a code that is also engraved on the bead and a serial number.

He has a real space helmet and carries a space gun! Ohm made some different designs with Astronargh holding the space gun different ways and even one with two space guns! I love the detail on his tentacles!

I started with some space bangles, here with Cute Ufo, Rocket and two Dreamscapes.

One of my most favourite beads Luna matches great with Ufo and two Night Sky.

Stardust and Love Whirls with Reflections and Luminous from the Aurora Borealis collection.

Argh joining the party with two Hive Mind and Green Crack.

The Argh family together with Baby Argh, two Night Sky and two Reef Dust.

My complete Ohm beads Space bracelet.

Two environments together, Space and Sea!

So up above and way down below!

They play so wel together! This theme can create some very gorgeous designs and I hope Ohm beads wil add to the Argh family in the future!

Happily floating away through the Ohm Universe!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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