Ohm beads Zodiac

One of the most common beads must be the zodiac signs. And yet those also are the most versatile in design!

Ohm beads created a new range of Zodiac beads and is releasing them throughout the year. They are exclusive for Europe, Taiwan and South America. I will look at the new ones further on, first a look at the first range Ohm beads made. These are retired, but stil available at many retailers.

Picture from Ohm beads Taiwan. This is the complete collection of the first Zodiac beads Ohm beads made.

I have Capricorn, my son’s birth sign. It is a smaller bead with a design on three sides.

I made a bracelet for my son with his Zodiac. And with Wings of Protection, his initial B, two Ice lux (he was born in the winter), two Pandora moonstone cabochons and a Pandora feather we bought and wear together. Stacked with a Pandora double leather with Butterflies.

The new range of Zodiacs are released monthly throughout the year, started with Pisces. Here are the beads that has been released so far, four more to go!

And my star sign is Libra.

The Zodiac beads come in a beautiful themed box.

These beads also have three different designs on them. I love the constellation!

Close up of the Libra constellation.

The bead has a brushed finish, just like Woodstock, Kamasutra and The Feast. Here a picture with them together for size comparison. The Zodiacs are just a little bit smaller.

So my birthday is in Autumn and this feels very autumnal! A bangle with Beastie JD, Libra, Celebrate, Pre-wine, Dreamtime, We Learn As We Age and Beadmail.

With my guardian angels Ohm My God and Ohm My God 2.0 and two CustOhms.

A bangle with Rococo, two Pandora Topaz cabochons, Pandora September Lapis Lazuli birthday bloom, Libra, Pandora September Sapphire birthday bloom and Pandora Blue Primrose Path.

A little birthday party with Cupcake, Celebrate, Libra, Hot Chocolate and Chocolate.

With Capricorn, CustOhm, Libra, Fireball and Love Hurts.

You can add a Zodiac to so many different bangle and bracelet designs! Get yours and your loved ones and make tributes or a reminder bracelet. I love them all.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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