About one year after the release of Sacred Heart Italian based Edone Gioielli designed in cooperation with Ohm beads Sacred Heart 2.0. When I wrote a blog post about the first Sacred Heart I did not know there were multiple sacred hearts designs. This Sacred Heart consists of a flaming heart encirled by the crown of thorns. It’s a very iconic mainly Roman Catholic symbol and represents the longsuffering love and compassion of the heart of Christ towards humanity. 

Beeing raised Roman Catholic but no longer practising I still have a fascination of the church symbols and figures.

Sacred Heart 2.0 is a limited edition, only 666 beads are made.

It comes with a numbered certificate and a corresponding code that is engraved in the bead.

The detail of Sacred Heart is so amazing.

The first Sacred Heart beside Sacred Heart 2.0.

First I made a bangle with two Love Hurts, Dragon’s Breath, Sacred Heart, Ohmnique, Sacred Heart 2.0 and Fireball.

I did the same composition but with black glass, two Tedora spacers and Dark Soul. I feel that the silver really stands out against the black glass!

Sacred Heart beeing a church symbol I made a bangle with OhmMyGod 2.0, two Fireball, two July spinners and OhmMyGod.

With Sacred Heart, two Confetti Upchuck, Forbidden Fruit and Sacred Heart 2.0.

I made a full bracelet with Ohm beads hearts! From top right hand: Strawberry, Rotten Heart, Love Whirls LE, Lemon, Love Cage, Open Your Heart, Fireball, Sacred Heart 2.0, Melting Heart LE, Ohmnique, love Grows, Love Hurts 2.0, Dragon’s Breath, Sacred Heart and Heart of Stone.

And finally on the new Chunky bracelet with Ohm Who clasp a Christmas inspired bracelet with OhmMyGod 2.0, two Dreamscape, Sacred Heart 2.0, two Night Sky, Stardust, Sacred Heart and OhmMyGod.

This second Sacred Heart is a gorgeous addition to my Ohm beads collection and such a powerfull symbol to represent my spirituality and background!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.


  1. The Sacred Heart image has special meaning to me and always has, so when a Sacred Heart Bead first became available, I was thrilled and it quickly became one of my most favorite Ohm beads. When I saw Sacred heart 2.0, I about fell out of my seat!! I think the bead is fabulously done and I cannot wait for mine to arrive in the mail. So excited to add this to my heart/Love bracelet.


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