Ohm beads Landline

Ohm beads added Landline to the collection with the November release and what a fun bead this is! I grew up with this. Let me first explain that this is an old fashioned telephone with a wire connected to the telephone system (just in case you didn’t know!Lol.)

The bead is so detailed! The dial is really working as I showed in the first two pictures.

This was the most common model for use at home.

Here a video to demonstrate how this ancient device really sounded and worked!

When out and about there were phone booths. Here a dutch, a british and an amercan type telephone booth.

When your car broke down on the highway you could call for help using what was known in the Netherlands as a talking pole (praatpaal).

This concludes the history lesson, now it’s time for serious stuff!

Landline gives a very nostalig feel! Here I made a bangle with an Ohmnique, Landline, a retired glass bead and Hug Me.

Time feels really flying when looking back! I feel lucky I did not grow up with that Office in my back yard! A bangle with two Tedora spacers, Landline, two Truebeadz Amsterdam Midnight, Time Flies and The Office.

There was a time where we only could communicate through mail or telephone. Now we have so many ways of communication, we had to learn a lot! A bangle with Beadmail, retired glass, Landline, Touched and We Learn As We Age.

Landline is a big bead which can be used as a focal bead. Here on the new Chunky bracelet with Ohm Who clasp and two Confetti Upchuck.

Landline can also be worn on the ball chain necklace.

Landline is a bead that takes me back to my early childhood! And it’s a real celebration of the advancement of technology!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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