Christmas bracelets, bangles & beads

We are in that time of year again! Love the lights, the decorations and the themed bracelets!

I wrote about my Christmas bracelets before, check out Xmas bracelets (22-12-2016) and OHM beads Stardust & Night Sky (19-12-2017).

I collect beads for quite a few years now! I used to pull apart completed bracelets to make a Christmas bracelet and put them back together after Christmas. This is the first one all Pandora from 2012!

Some changes were made through the years, other brands like OHM and Trollbeads were added. At one point my Angels & Family bracelet emerged from this Christmas bracelet and I did not want to pull that one apart anymore for Christmas.

A Christmas stack I made two years ago.

Last year I managed to make a Christmas bracelet without the beads from my Angels & Family bracelet!

But I ended up having so much fun with bangles and stacks again that I did not wear the Christmas bracelet much!

This year I decided that it was time to create a permanent Christmas bracelet!

Because I don’t want to pull apart bracelets anymore I will have to do without the snowflakes that are on my Winter Blues bracelet.

I gathered the beads I had, the Christmas themed ones and the glass I managed to spare from other bracelets.

I threw a bangle together to start the season off! I really liked the lime green of the gorgeous Trollbeads glass I bought in the Trollbeads store located in Tivoli park in Copenhagen. So I also added two lime green Pandora Seeing Spots. Redbalifrog Tomte is a Scandinavian Christmas gnome I bought from Perlen in Denmark. The two OHM Sugar Sleigh Rides are gorgeous and Grumpy Cat is adorable! The Pandora Santa and Black Friday beads complete the theme beautifully.

I had to get some more Christmas beads! This adorable Moose with coloured Christmas lights is from Bella Fascini! This brand has an awesome range of seasonal beads!

Redbalifrog 5th Day of Christmas. When I came to the realization just this year that this is my son’s birthday I had to have it! Actually his birth kept us busy during the whole 12 days of Christmas! He announced himself on the night of Christmas Eve, too early and we rushed to hospital. They managed to delay until the 29th. And because he was born a little too early we had to stay, celebrated New Year in hospital and came home on the 11th day of Christmas!

Also added OhmMyGod 3.0 and OHM Hug Me. I love the bright and cheery feel of this bracelet!

But I just cannot leave a finished bracelet alone and inspired by the colourful Christmas lights of Moose I changed some glass to make this even brighter and cheerier bracelet! Love it!!

Okay, could not resist! For this year’s OHM Beadmas chalanges I made a snowflakes bangle I still wear!

I added one last bead yesterday. This is Guardian Angel by Argo Studios! A very gorgeous detailed bead so perfect for my Christmas bracelet!

So this is it! I changed the glass back (for now!) to the more traditional red and green to really feel the festive season! I will wear this gorgeous Christmas bracelet with so many different brands represented during the Christmas celebrations!

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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