OHM Holey Bunny

Yes!! Spring is in the air again, my favourite time of the year! It’s still raining here, but the odd sunshiney day predicts Spring! And Easter is around the corner! OHM released Holey Bunny as Bead of the Month March no. 46.

Holey Bunny comes in a beautiful designed purple box.

Holey Bunny  is a limited edition, only 789 beads are made. The numbered certificate has a corresponding code that is engraved on the bead.

Holey Bunny is a cute stuffed toy bead in the style of Hug Me. A well loved ragged old rabbit.

This bangle is with his predecessors Bunny Reaper and Bunny Angel and Spring Refractions. The red glass is also a new release called Slim Glass! It’s an awesome addition to the glass beads range, this glass takes up less space and still adds the colour you want! Love them!!

The Slim glass collection contains five colours: pink is called Pez, blue Mist, green Sage, purple Ape and red is called Sour.

Keep it all red, on a leather bracelet with Sumo OhmGnome, Slim glass Sour and a square glass bead called Capitol Hill.

Looking back at your childhood time really flew by! Holey Bunny with his friend Hug Me, Time Flies, two CustOHMs, Reflections and Luminous, both from the Aurora Borealis collection.

Fresh Easter/Spring colours and theme with Jingle Locks, CustOHM, Holey Bunny, CustOHM, Year of the Cock, Lemon and Lucky Stars.

And it’s Rabbit Season with the whole bunch and added Peeps Bunny from Bella Fascini and two July Spinners.

A Spring bracelet with Primrose, Bunny Angel, Spring Refractions, Butterflies, Dragons Breath, Holey Bunny, Green Crack, Year of the Cock, Strawberry, Bunny Reaper, Spring Refractions, Love Grows and Sky Fire.

I love Holey Bunny for his nostalgic feel and a fun addition to Easter themed bracelets! I will get many uses out of him! With Love Hurts and Confetti Upchuck.

Did someone say Rabbit Season??

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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