OHMily Seattle Beads & Coffee

It’s been a week ago already and I am home again with a significant jetlag, but I will show and tell you all about the OHMily Seattle Beads & Coffee held at Chihuly Gardens & Glass Collection Cafe.

I already spent some time in Seattle and OhmGnome and I visited some of the tourist attractions!

I got terribly lost at one point!!

A beautiful sunny spring day we walked from our hotel on Lake Union to Chihuly Garden & Glass at the foot of the Space Needle.

Greeted by Kit, Mike, Jenny, Game and Kris who set up an event on a beautiful spot!

It was so amazing to finally meet and talk to people you only meet online.

After connecting and gazing over trays of custOHMs and the newest release we had a lovely lunch.

And then…

the party got going! OHM had empied out drawers at HQ and had us rummage around in lots of old stock! I felt like a kid in a candy store and helped each other find beads we were looking for! Heaven!

Jenny came by and asked us all to give her one word. It turned out OHM put together a story with all our words to make into a bead!

The theme of this design is camping (traveling), a bead inspired by exploring the wilderness

You can see a cat and dog on top, a pile of beads on bottom, on the front is a sun and on back is a heart.

Limited edition only 333 made

It represents excitement, happiness, and the feeling of coziness we have when we are surrounded by family.

And Maya Uh, designer of Astronargh was asked to design it! Right here and right now! Amazingly she quickly came up with a stunning panorama design with all the components of our story, so clever!! It’s going to be released later!

Some wrist shots had to be taken with Maya!

We all got a beautiful Panorama Emerald City bead, engraved especially for this event! I love it so much!

We totally forgot to take a group wrist shot during the event, but we managed to do it when we went out for drinks that night! (Photo credit 📸 Mike).

I managed to buy (picture 1) the red square glass bead called Capitol Hill and the yellow/orange glass an old one I believe, (picture 2) an old letter A and (picture 3) a randOHM glass looking like Cold Milk (right).

With my new designed OhmGnome in Seattle bracelet we enjoyed some more days in this beautiful city. Who said it always rains??

It was so much fun meeting people on this awesome event, people I would otherwise never have met, we live so far away! Thank you OHM for organizing an amazing event!

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