OHM July release preview

Summer is almost here and the July preview as well! Release date is July 3!

To start with Bead of the Month July no. 50: Frappe! It’s now a repeating theme for July, a coffee theme! There were only 555 have been created. Each bead is serialized and engraved with an individual code. A mini certificate of authenticity with the number in the series will be included.

Blended coffee is the way to go in this Summer heat! We like ours sweetened with a bit of caramel. Sugar and caffeine at the same time? Yes, please!

The next addition to the BBQ collection is Love Machine! OHM is just a LOVE MACHINE. We don’t work for nobody, but you. 

Love is a product of our hearts, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come through effort. Machines require maintenance. When we take care of our bodies and maintain them with proper fuel our production increases. Love is created in the machine of our minds and hearts using the fuel Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Serotonin, plus a little bit of magic glitter dust. We can’t create these chemicals without each other and we can’t maintain love without maintaining our machines. 

Each generation takes the love provided them and uses it as fuel to create more love! Love begets love! Help us maintain the love machine and keep these gears, and our joints, moving. 

Without you moving our bits, none of us would be here together OHMing. It’s high time you understand that love is all we have to give. 

This is a custom order item. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Sales are final, no returns, no refunds.

This must be my favourite glass in a long time, Cheeseburger, brilliant!

To go with the burger, Cheesy, yummm!

We are on a picnic and Lazy Lawn is needed for that!

Stretching out we enjoy the Park View!

The sun is shining, the sky is clear, we can See Forever!

We also eat deliciously summery Watermelon! And you can create a bracelet like this:

“Welcome to Summer! A hot day in the park with a gingham blanket tossed over a freshly mown lawn and a view of the city, at a much of a distance as you can manage. This is all you need for a lazy weekend picnic in nature to rejuvenate yourself for the week to come. 

Scanning the skies, devoid of clouds, so clear it’s as if you can see forever. But first, make sure someone stops on the way to grab everyone’s blended coffee frappe order. To keep you cool and give you a boost of energy for that volleyball game to come. Afterward, you stashed some mason jars of cold brew in the cooler with a bag of ice, and all the fixin’s for the meal to come, burgers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, zingy mustard, ketchup, and bacon! 

As the afternoon cools, and the game ends without a winner because winning wasn’t the point, are you now craving something hot, juicy, dripping, and oh so satisfying? While the coals heat up, grab a snack of some fresh slices of watermelon. 

Is there anything quite so decadent, mouth-pleasing, and perfect as a freshly grilled burger? A burger this fresh can stand up to all that is piled on … and of course rich, oozing, melted cheese. 

Your mouth is watering right now, isn’t it? BBQ up those burgers, garden or otherwise, smother them in melting cheese and perhaps toss some potatoes on the coals to bake for a sunset meal before heading home. Or did you do that ahead of time? Do you have some fresh potato salad in that basket of yours? You cheeky devil. Mmmm, did someone say deviled eggs?

This is a sensual, delight at its finest with a warm, happy, contented feeling inside afterward. Yes indeed, the picnic in the park will be having you sighing yuOHMyy! Enjoy it while it lasts because next up … Monday.”

And now the regional and retailer releases.

Crystal Thoughts is exclusive for OHM Beads Taiwan.

Inhabit your positive self and crystalize each thought by focusing inward and radiating out. Watch each thought grow ever so slowly into the beautifully radiant and pure crystalline structure of the real world. All thoughts manifest in the physical world. Carry the positivity with you and remember to shine.

And also released on OHM Beads Taiwan. These zipped storage bags provide safe anti-tarnish protection for your OHM. Store your clean silver (make sure it is thoroughly dry) and put it into one of the Bags for safekeeping. The sleeve fits an OHM Play or Storage tray easily. Spot clean the fabric carefully only as needed. The bag will retain its protective qualities as long as you don’t wash it. They may be available in other regions soon.

Exclusive for OHM Beads Australia is Pacific Life! This is a limited edition, only 333 beads are made. Release date is July 12 at 8 AM Gold Coast Time on Ohmbeads.com!

Pacific means peace. But exactly what kind of peace will you find in the Pacific Ocean? The Ring Of Fire as they call it surrounds the Pacific, and where fire meets water life can be created. From these dramatic relationships, the peaceful blossoming of life takes hold. The recycling of Mother Earth’s materials keeps pushing us to find each other and to become one. Look deep into the ripples of a sea brimming with sentience. When you find life, reach out and touch it. We are all connected.

Chubbles Collection by Emi Boz will be released on OHM Together on July 18 at 10 AM Pacific Time.
Quantity of 111 each character.

Artist Emi Boz launched this project on Kickstarter earlier this year. These are the remaining stocks from the Limited Edition run that was backed by OHMies. These are serialized but do not include artist signature on the bead. Each bead includes a Certificate of Authenticity showing the number in the series.

Chubbles the Unicorn is a fun loving, magical, silly unicorn. Sure, his hair is pink, but that’s his favorite color! Chubbles is light hearted and loves to make others feel comfortable in their own skin.

Bazzle the Dragon is a bit aggressive and loud at times, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t friendly. Bazzle and come off a little “in your face” but has a kind heart. He can be very clumsy and accident prone at times, but his antics make all the other buddies laugh. Bazzle is definitely a clown.

Grumpalina the Griffin is very sarcastic. She doesn’t really enjoy magical things and is kind of an introvert. She can come off sounding apathetic to most things, but she has the best intentions for her friends. She is easily annoyed and loves her coffee. Grumpalina can be quick to anger, but also quick to forgive.

Caterfly the Kitterfly has a child like spirit. Caterfly is always day dreaming and coming up with wondrous thoughts. Always easily mystified by magic, Caterfly always sees the best in any situation and loves without limit. Innocent and sweet, Caterfly never likes to see a friend sad, and does her best to cheer them up!

Nork the Narwhal is a quiet thinker. He loves to read and enjoys watching a good movie with a few friends. Nork is a bit of a nerd, and loves to geek out by talking to his friends about fantasy stories and new video game releases. He really loves rainy days and getting hand written letters from friends.

Riggle the Pegasus is a little more self aware, always paying attention to how he carries himself. Riggle likes to have fun, but also likes to be very serious and organized. Riggle is always ready to help a friend out in need and will always give you straight forward and honest advice.

Blue Sol is released on OHM Stuff On July 2 to celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse that crosses South America on July 2nd, 2019. A limited edition, only 111 beads are made.
Each bead is serialized and engraved with an individual code and date of the Eclipse. A mini certificate of authenticity with the number in the series is included.
Watch their website and facebook page for more information about this release. It is the DAY BEFORE the regular release on the 3rd.

And last but not least JULY Retirements. Effective July 3rd the following items will be retired:


This is again a great release, I love all the new glass that is coming! Well done OHM!

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