OHM summer picknick

It’s the hight of summer and we are now enjoying the awesome outdoor weather with barbecues and endless picknicks! OHM has created a fun range of summer glass beads!

Five so vibrant and colourfull glass beads to represent the summer!

The first bead is Bead of the Month July no. 50 Frappe! This is the next coffee themed Bead of the Month July!

Frappe is limited edition, only 555 beads are made and comes with a numbered certificate with a code that is engraved in the bead.

Watermelon has delicious colours green and red with black dots.

Cheesy has vibrant two different orange colours!

My favourite glass bead must be Cheeseburger! The glass is in the shape of a bun with lettuce, ketchup and cheese dripping out! Such a different and surprising design! Love it!

And the last bead is See Forever! A bright blue glass representing the endless blue skies on a hot summers day with the sun shining forever!

Together they are a feast on your wrist!

All the coffee themed Bead of the Month July together on a bangle! It started with Latte on the left (2015), then Caramel Latte, a set of two sugary textured glass beads (2016), Coffee Collection, a silver set of coffee to go and a coffee to stay (2017) and Black Coffee (2018).

I made a cute bangle with three of the glass beads: “Monkey will time you, who eats Cheeseburger the fastest? 3-2-1GO!” With We Learn As We Age, Watermelon, Baby Megalodon, Cheeseburger, Gargoyle, Cheesy and Monkeybusiness.

A summer bangle to show how great the glass match with Mankini, See Forever, Argh, Water-ation, Baby Argh, Lilypad and Scuba.

I love the yummy detail on Watermelom and I feel it looks so delicious solo on a bangle stacked with more colourfull beads and bracelets for a summer festival feel! Bracelet with the new summer Slim glass beads Koi (orange), Sun (yellow) and Lawn (green) and Heart of Stone, Yingle Locks, Rainbowed, Woodstock Love and Mended Heart.

See Forever on my Bracelet of the Sea.

Frappe and Cheeseburger on my Food bracelet.

And to make a bracelet I invited the OHM Gnomes for a picknick! They are enjoying the gorgeous summer weather and having fun in the sun!

With Coffee To Go, Tomte Gnome, Watermelon, Cupcake, Mankini, Cheesy, Coffee Collection, OHM Gnome, Cheeseburger, Silver Spoon, Gnomeo, See Forever, Burger, OHM Gnome, Frappe, Body Slicer and Moon Me.

I love summer and this range of glass makes it even more enjoyable! Happy Summer! ☀️🍉🍔😋☕️

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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