OHM Party with WORDS

This August OHM released some fun beads! To commemorate their 11th anniversary two beautiful glass beads were released and two more cheeky words were added to the Words collection!

Birthday Cake and Thank A Lot are two festive colourfull glass beads. Birthday Cake is similar to the very loved and long retired Confetti Upchuck and I believe many people will be so happy with this release! Thanks A Lot is very colourfull too and also has sparkling CZ imbedded in the glass to give it an extra festive feel!

The two new Words are $H1T and WFT? To add a bit of extra joy to your day!

I made a bangle to show the new glass together with Confetti Upchuck on the right. For me it’s a feast to take a bath, so I added Soak, Pandora Duck, two Trollbeads Happy Fish and two green facets.

Another bangle with two Confetti Upchuck and Birthday Cake in the centre. Added Kamasutra, Peach, two July Spinners and two green facets.

I use the Words to let my Inner Self speak out! Doesn’t everybody have a daily internal dialogue like this? A bangle with Persist, $H1T, Surrender, Year Of The Monkey, Sea Striations, Inner Self, Ohmnique, Monkey Business, Flourish, WTF? and Persist.

Here a bracelet for when you are having a bad day. And then feeling much better when wearing it! On the Chuncky bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and two Slim Sour, two Poisoned Apple and The Office. Stacked with a double leather bracelet.

And because we are celebrating the 11th anniversary of OHM you are all invited to the party in The Office! With two July Spinners, Mardi Grass, The Office, Thanks A Lot, Gramophone and Celebrate.

What a fun and festive beads OHM released this month! I know they are not for everybody, but I think they are so much fun to play with!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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