OHM Sunset

OHM beads released a stunning glass bead called Sunset, exclusive for OHM Thailand.

Sunset is the most beautiful shimmering glass bead!

This video shows the beautiful multi colours ranging from yellow, orange, deep red to purple splashing from the glass!

Sunset can be a spectacle of fire colours! So I made a bracelet with Rebirth, Stardust and two Fireball, Fire-ation and Sunset on the brown Whip bracelet with OHM WHO clasp.

When I am in my garden at sunset I can hear all sorts of birds singing, one of natures most beautiful concerts! A bracelet with The Office, Year of the Rooster, Rooster, Tom the Dead, Dragon’s Breath, Red Moskow and Sunset.

And after Sunset the stars and planets come out! I made a bracelet with Luna, Gnomestronaut, Astronaut, Cresent Luna, Quarter Luna, Gibbous Luna, Nightsky, Sunset and Dreamscape.

When the sun finally sets for the day I love to relax with some wine and music! This bracelet I made with Piece Guitar Set, also a Thailand exclusive and limited edition! And Gramophone, Woodstock, Prewine, Yellow Sunlight, Sunset and two red facets beads.

And ofcourse Sunset is a beautiful dark coloured bead that combines so many colours! Here I added Sunset to my Haloween bracelet, next to Trick or Treat. The other dark glass beads are Night Sky.

What a stunning, versatile glass bead Sunset is! The depth of the colours and the gorgeous sparkle makes Sunset a focal bead on any bracelet!

You can order Sunset here: https://ohmbeads.com/amg746

And Piece Guitar Set here: https://ohmbeads.com/aam014s

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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