OHM Cascades of Color 2.0

OHM is releasing beautiful glass every month and one of my favourite lately must be Cascades of Color 2.0!

Back in 2013 the first collection was released as a limited edition and is now long sold out!

And here is the 2.0 collection! The original series contained glass with the colour design laying on top of the glass. The new series has the colour design wrapped around the core and clear glass around. I must admit these glass designs appeal to me more! I will show you the two collections side by side.

On the left the original 2013 design called Across the Lake. And on the right the 2.0 called Fall in the Lake! Even the names are 2.0, I absolutely love that!

And here is the story to go with Fall in the Lake: Ice is beginning to form. From the first ground frosts to the shimmer of a clear lake’s thin sheet; the fallen bits of color catch in the evening light. Ranging from pumpkin to cinnamon the radiance of the season is on full display. Reflecting light at a deep forest pond or a high mountain glacial lake. Stay attuned to the stillness of this season and remember to rest yourself for the journey ahead.

On the left In the Koi Pond and on the right Across the Koi.

The bright colors of the koi remind us again of the beauty in the diversity of life on this planet. As we scatter about attending to our daily business jumping from stone to stone across the pond, remember that not so deeply beyond the fallen leaves at the surface of the water lies infinite possibilities. Witness the magnificent shifting of light every day.

left Nuts and Berried and right Pits & Pith.

After you’ve enjoyed the delicious bounty of the fruit do not hesitate to embrace the beauty of that which is left behind. The final fruits of the year are ripening as the preservation of the bounty of the harvest heralds the transition into the holiday season and winter to come. Enjoy every moment now, and savor each bit of the sweet fruit that clings to the refuse.

And the last ones, left Last Blooms and right The Next Blooms.

Take this time to look forward while honoring the past. Remind yourself of the immense depth of the forests and of the possible meanings of life. We are here together at this moment able to look through The Now into The Next.

And now for some beadplay!

Fall in the Lake matches so well with the delecate light blue glass of last months jellyfish release! Jamie is very happy swimming in the lake!

Across the Koi is a gorgeous orange Haloween colour! Here on the far right he is a great addition to my Haloween bracelet!

A harvest garden theme, I put Pits & Pith with Forbidden Fruit, Year of the Cock and Tom the Dead.

And with The Next Blooms I made a bracelet to celebrate that I am flying from Amsterdam to Seattle next year when nature is about to bloom once again!

And now for something completely different! I dug out all my spotted glass beads and made a Bracelet of Things! So much fun and colour!

This is a beautiful autumn colour inspired collection based on golden oldies! That makes it so easy and fun to combine them with all sorts of themes and colours! Happy autumn!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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