OHM Lemon a glass collection

Cold dark days are here and OHM surprised me with the Lemon collection, generating a blast of sunshine!

Four gorgeous juicy yellow glass beads to brighten your day!

First up is Lemon Meringue Tart! A yellow and white swirled bead, with the white laying on top of the yellow giving it loads of depth.

The OHM My God angels love to swirl around my wrist so this bangle has the four of them combined with Hot Chocolate 2.0 and Bacon.

This is Lemon Jelly Roll, a yellow base with yellow/orange stripes running around the glass.

The stripes reminded me of the dog leach I have so I made a doggie bangle! With Dog&bone, Frappe, Year of the Dog, very old OHM glass, SHS Paw Print, Lemon Jelly Rol and Labrador Retriever.

This gorgeous delicious glass is Lemon Drop Sorbet! A solid colour, I believe the glass itself is yellow, making this bead bursting with colour!

This bead reminds me of sunsets! And it matches great with other solid coloured glass like Incremental Change and the Australian Coober Pedy. I made a bangle with Soul Warrior looking after Year of the Ram, Black Sheep and Tom the Dead.

And last but not least Lemon Coconut Bliss! Another bright yellow bead with white spots running around the glass.

After all those delicious desserts it’s time to eat some healthy foods! It’s never too late! A bangle with Time Flies, Pits and Pith, Apple, OHMnique, Forbidden Fruit (without the snake), Lemon Coconut Bliss and We Learn As We Age.

Put the four Lemons together and they are a colour explosion on your wrist! Here a bangle with two July Spinners and Forbidden Fruit.

I love, love, love yellow so I made a hearts bracelet with two Love Hurts, two Lovely Hearts and Love Grows.

And this is a sensory overload! A full acid yellow sunshine bracelet with comfort food beads like pizza, veggie burger, chocolate and cupcakes! And an apple? Making an apple pie later! This will get me through the dark and dreary days!

This is a collection of glass that inspires to make happy, yummy and cheerfull bracelets! Let them help you brighten your day!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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