OHM Out There, a glass collection

Dark days and long nights are here and OHM released this stunning glass collection called Out There to go with it!

Three gorgeous starry night themed glass beads that are awesome for this winter!

Galaxy sparkles with the ever-changing radiance of possibilities.

Deep Blue features a dichroic shimmer perfect to symbolize the ocean below or the vastness of space above.

And A Sirus Wish showcases the dark night sky where a million billion pricks of light beam down to remind us to make a wish.

Space themed bracelets are among my favourites and I just had to start with the Moon beads. Crescent Luna, Quarter Luna, Gibbous Luna and Luna for a simple yet powerful bangle!

I wanted to see how they looked with dirty beads, a monotone, dark look. With Teddy Scares Skull, dirty OHM My God 1 and 2 and dirty Baby Megalodon.

A winter night in Amsterdam! I made a necklace with XXX, Stardust, Lucky Stars and Snowflake.

The Navy coloured Whip leather bracelet is perfect for starry night combinations! Astronargh and Gnomestronaut are floating through space! With Stardust, Woodstock Star and Lucky Stars. And OHM WHO clasp.

The Out There collection is so perfect for a winter/Christmas themed bracelet! On this bracelet the glass beads are from left to right: Night Sky, A Sirus Wish, Night Sky, Sunset, Galaxy, Night Sky and Deep Blue. And with Ho! Ho! No, Sugar Sleigh Ride 2.0, OHM My God 3.0, Stardust, You Melt Me, Snowflake, Sugar Sleigh Ride and Hug Me.

Wow, this post turned out very dark! It was hard to capture the real beauty and sparkle of the beads! The Out There series really is so gorgeous and perfect for the upcoming festive season! I love dark nights like these!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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